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Toyota recall - a hoax?

Updated on April 11, 2015

Toyota Recall Cars

By now you must have heard about the Toyota recall, especially if you own one, just like I do. So let’s break it down, because a lot has to be said. First – What is a recall?

A manufacturer’s recall is when a big percentage of the vehicles have enough flaws that without being modified or repaired could result in personal injury or death.

Second – How many vehicles are involved in the recall?

So far over 8 million Toyota vehicles are involved in the recall. I say so far, because it seems like every day another model is in the media added to the recall list. From a sticking accelerator pedal on a Camry, Corolla, Rav4, and Highlander to an anti lock brake system on the Prius the list is long and it keeps growing every day.

Third – Why Toyota?

I guess what I mean is, why is just Toyota in the media for the recalls when pretty much every car manufacturer has recalls? They just don’t show up in the media! (Actually, Honda is now in the media for an airbag recall.)

Some Chevy trucks had loose or missing rear wheelhouse plugs and exhaust gases could enter the passenger compartment and cause illnesses, unconsciousness or death. Some Dodge Neon’s had inadequate welding at the front suspension lower control arms and could allow the tube to separate from the arm resulting in a loss of vehicle control. Some Fords had an issue with the throttle cable getting stuck which could result in a crash. Does this remind you of something? Toyota recall perhaps? Some Chryslers had a defect on the seat back recliner, the bolts could brake and the seat back unexpectedly reclines, resulting in the loss of vehicle control. These are just to mention a few, but the list goes on and on and on…

So why toyota? Is it because it’s not American made? What is American made?

Well if you include manufacturing, parts and everything else then Toyota is 48% USA made and even the American brand cars are just 73% made in the US. So you see, even if you buy a Toyota you are securing someone’s job and helping the American economy.

So again why all the buzz about Toyota and not the American brand cars?

Personally I think this is all a hoax. One more way to try to change the people’s minds thru the media. Sometimes I feel like I am in the land of the zombies. I don’t know about you, but I still love my Toyota (and my jeep too for that matter) no matter what “they” try to make me believe.

Toyota is still a very good car and every manufacturer will still have recalls and send a letter to their costumers letting them know about any recall and the free fix/repair they offer.

My last words are…leave the media out of this and play fair!!!


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    • profile image

      Nissan Frontier 7 years ago

      Toyota has always been a trusted brand but like all things, manufactures could go wrong sometimes. I hate to say this but even if it has something to do with media sensationalism, I still want to believe that Toyota must have been more careful to their name ans most importantly to the lives of their clients.

      I can let go of the small vehicle malfunctions but not when lives are at stake.

      Responsibilities must be faced and the company can move forward after showing they are true enough to their promises from the start.

      I wish Toyota well.

    • zemel profile image

      zemel 7 years ago from boston

      Hi Philip... this cars 'rav4' from 2001 to 2003 are notorious for computer problems!After you replace the computer with a new one,you may still have a problem with your transmission,caused by the bad computer. here is a buletin from toyota for that problem. T-SB-0156-10


      June 22, 2010

      Harsh Shift and/or MIL "ON" DTC P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758 and/or P1760

      Service Category



      Automatic Transmission/Transaxle





      June 25, 2010 Rev1:

      ^ Step 4 of the Repair Procedure has been updated.

      Any previous printed versions of this service bulletin should be discarded.


      The information contained in this TSB supersedes TSB No. TC002-06.

      ^ The TSB content has been modified to include the possible replacement of the transaxle assembly.

      TSB No. TC002-06 is Obsolete and any printed versions should be discarded. Be sure to review the entire content of this service bulletin before proceeding.


      Some 2001 - 2003 model year RAV4 vehicles equipped with an automatic transaxle may exhibit a harsh shift condition and/or MIL "ON" with DTC P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758, and/or P1760 stored. Improvements have been made to the Engine Control Module (ECM) (SAE term: Powertrain Control Module/PCM) manufacturing process to reduce the possibility of this condition occurring. Use the following procedure to repair the vehicle.

      Warranty Information


      ^ This repair is covered under the Toyota Federal Emission Warranty. This warranty is in effect for 96 months or 80,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle's in-service date.

      ^ Warranty application is limited to occurrence of the specified condition described in this bulletin.

    • profile image

      philip wayne 7 years ago

      Since 30 years ago Ive been buying toyota vehicles. I never had serious problem with it until now? My 2001 rav4L gave my problem with its check engine light that turns on at 20k miles. Same thing happened at 40k miles and 60k miles. First recall was to upgrade the computer, now still it does the same at 80k miles? Lately another recall replaced the ECU, after a week its back with tsame problem? But Glendale Toyota in Ca. did not replace the transmissionm but they want a $1000 from me to replace what they speed sensor? Are they trying to con me? How could such parts fails and cost $1000.? Anybody with similar problem???

    • profile image

      MIKE 7 years ago

      Im pretty sure that the ************** from GM and other American car makers are creating this media attention towards Toyota, or maybe are even blackmailing them.

    • profile image

      Jiggy 7 years ago

      So, you guys think that the government and the media are in this together to try to take down Toyota? I see....How could you come to any other conclusion? Just like when it's snowing outside, there can't be any global warming.

    • Arthur Fontes profile image

      Arthur Fontes 7 years ago from Fall River,MA

      I agree with you and I know the connection the Toyota plants in the USA which provide Americans good jobs are non-union. The UAW is so inbred into the current administration that they are pushing policy.

    • zemel profile image

      zemel 7 years ago from boston have to fill me in.too busy today. Everything is fine here.About you?

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      Hello what about what happened today , Thats about money hope all is well with you and yours .

    • zemel profile image

      zemel 7 years ago from boston

      Thank you everyone for your comments. I agree with all that you have said. I truely hope that Toyota recovers from this recall mess and that the media finds something else to talk about soon.

      We will see what happens when this is all said and done. Only time will tell what will happen next.

    • joeleighton profile image

      joeleighton 7 years ago

      Toyota makes great vehicles & I can only hope the recall was legit & not a clandestine plot to boost US auto sales.

      Regards, Joe

    • profile image

      mj 7 years ago

      I think this is a big hoex just to brain wash peaple in to buying a american car like from gm or ford I would never by a ford or the the others over a toyota even if i was to switch i buy a honda or a nissan anyday the win hands down.You cant even compare.

    • profile image

      Shah 7 years ago

      I do believe that Toyota's quality has declined in the latest models, however I do not believe that the cars are bad. The media has taken it out of control to favor the American cars, which were losing ground to foreign cars.

      Maybe Toyota is coming down to the poor quality of the German carmanufacturers, OK that was a joke.

      Toyota's as well as the far majority of the other "Japanese" cars are still far ahead of the Germans as well as most American cars. That's no joke!

      What is interesting however that all the faulty gaspedal mechanisms are supplied by an Indiana based company.

      Toyota also has a Japanese supplier (Denso) too for the same mechanism and they all work fine. Perhaps a lawsuit for Toyota against this Indiana company?

      I never owned and will never own an American car. I do wish that more parts of Japanese cars come from Japan.

      I don't mind if it is assembled here in the US, but when it comes to quiality control and work mentality in general, study Japan and you will understand why we can't match their products.

      It already starts with the level of education in Japan, from there you can follow the trail.

    • profile image

      Reamer 7 years ago

      I Could not have put it any better myself. I don't know why they are doing this to Toyota but it is ridiculous. They are totally damaging the image. They being the government and the media. I own a used car lot and I can tell you people are commenting all day that Toyota is not what it used to be. Zombies. My landlord's sister accidentally killed a pedestrian about two months ago in a Grand Marquis while parking it. In the parking lot the car suddenly accelerated. For the court case we did our research on the 2000 year Grand Marquises witch is the same car as the Lincoln continental and the ford crown vic. We found many complaints of the accelerator sticking and people having accidents or close calls. We printed them out and sent them to her lawyer just in case he needed them. This was all before the Toyota Scandal. A few years ago \I saw a NBC Dateline or Nighline or whatever, reporting on how the same family of cars, where found to be very dangerous because of a flaw in the feul tank area where if they were hit from behind there were some jagged edges that could pierce the tank and the car would explode!!! It had many real stories of people either dying or being severely burnt. I even cried for a poor cop (crown vic. cop cars) in California who had so burnt that although he lived he was massively burnt/disfigured and had to go through a gasilion operations. At the time ford could not be reached for comment. That is just one example of many and NOBODY talks about it. I don't own a Toyota but I sell cars for a living and the are if not the best, among the very best built cars in the world.

    • zemel profile image

      zemel 7 years ago from boston

      that's because they are very, very good cars :)

    • profile image

      Melissa 7 years ago

      well said :)

      I loved my Toyota & love my Nissan too :)