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Transport Safety Challenges

Updated on April 15, 2016

This is important to reduce accidents and loss of man-hour and also the numbers of human lives which are lost through transportation activities either on land, water or air. The increased number is due to non-adequate policies, plans, procedures, and standards in transportation safety. Transportation safety is having laid down policies, plans, procedures, standards of execution of all transportation activities of an organization; in a safe and efficient movement of goods and personnel from one location to another.

The Objective of Transportation Safety in an organization, amongst others includes:

* Safety of personnel, goods (equipment and machinery), through prevention of accidents
* Effective use vehicle resources and reduction in personnel exposure
* To have a single point responsibility for transportation related activities

Transportation Safety Challenges - The challenges facing transportation safety should be looked into by'

. Treating all logistics as a business process through proper planning to implementation, evaluation of all processes.

. Always subject all transportation activities to hazards and effective management process

. The knowledge and compliance of rules and regulations in the transportation policies and standards.

. All organization should have their own transportation safety plan; also known as journey management plan

. There must be effective communication devices in the vehicle e.g Radio, micros-am e.t.c

Journey Management - is the actions taken by a person to authorize, plan, monitor and close out a journey so that any risk to health, safety or the environment is identified, assessed and controlled, and so that recovery measures are made available should the journey not be completed as planned for any reason.

Journey Plan - this is the document which details the timing and route of the journey, including rest stops, the vehicle and the driver and passengers. The journey plan can be in any format or size, but the following information shall be included:

. Purpose of the journey

. Registration number and type of vehicle, driver details

. Number of passengers, departure point and actual departure date and time

. Destination and contact name and telephone number

. Estimated duration and distance of journey

. Name of journey manager and contact telephone number

Home Base - This is the operating base where the driver and vehicle are normally based, and from where the outward journey starts.

The Journey Manager - is the person who plans, monitor, and closes out the journey. The journey manager also initiates any relevant accidents or man-lost procedures in the event of an accident or a vehicle becoming overdue.

The following people are involved in a company journey, each with certain responsibilities:

. The journey Manager
. The Driver
. The passenger

Responsibilities Of The Journey Manager

* The journey manager is responsible for the planning, monitoring and analysis of a journey. The journey manager remains responsible for the vehicle and driver until they return to the home base, unless the vehicle and driver are retained by another location for other work. The responsibility for the driver and vehicle must then be accepted by a journey manager at that other location. The journey manager is responsible for initiating any emergency procedures (such as man-lost, accident, e.t.c) when he is notified of an accident or the vehicle becomes overdue, by contacting the relevant emergency duty officer.

Responsibilities of The Driver

* To drive only if authorized and fit to drive and to wear seat belt and to ensure all passengers wear seat belts. And for driving safely in accordance with the journey plan. The driver shall not depart until he has received and understood the journey plan. The driver also has to contact the journey manager at certain times or places during the journey or at destination as agreed with the journey manager before departure. The driver shall contact the journey manager if there are any problems or difficulties en-route, and when he returns to home base.

Responsibilities Of The Passenger

* To wear seatbelts, to ensure driver adheres to the journey plan, and to ensure that the driver operate within national speed limits, and in a safe manner taking note of prevailing weather conditions. Passengers shall not pressurize or divert driver to change from the journey plan except for safety reasons


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