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Truckers Best Safe Driving Rule

Updated on November 16, 2015

Road Rage In Progress

Speed Governors SUCK!
Speed Governors SUCK!

Never Be "Short Sighted" when Driving


Following this ONE simple rule will keep you out of trouble most of the time and you will experience less stress in your driving life because you will have time to respond to most emergencies in a professional, relaxed manner with plenty of time to make course corrections or adjust your speed.

Look down your path of future travel far into the night or day. Let nothing important escape your attention.

Look for stopped or slow moving traffic in the distance. Watch for road hazards such as stalled or wrecked vehicles in the travel lanes or on the shoulder. Watch for cops giving someone a ticket, aiming a laser gun in your direction or attending to a stalled vehicle or chasing some one down the highway.

Also Watch for crazy or drunk drivers, debris in the roadway like alligators (tire tread thrown off by trucks) or wooden boards or other trash. Notice any pedestrians walking along the side of the road or kids on the overpass with glass bottles or rocks and looking for a thrill as they target your large vehicle.

Take note of vehicles approaching the roadway that you may intercept. Be careful of "Suicide Drivers" that pull up to a stop sign at a cross roads and wait for a long time until you arrive in your big truck... They pull out just you get there and their wish has been fulfilled... It may be a "subconscious desire" they have or maybe it's deliberate. Either way, be concerned of this situation and always be prepared to take evasive action if necessary.

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