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Lady car drivers and motorcycles

Updated on November 25, 2015

Ladies are great in many ways. World would be sad place without girls. But some areas of life are strongly dominated by men for reason. Some girls just don't belong on the roads. This is a fully subjective overview - there are tons of great lady car drivers who deserve to be appreciated. However, there are few types of lady car drivers who are driving us, bikers, crazy - more about different types will be described in this article.

Driving skills are generally acquired during initial driving training - driving school. However, different people perceive training in different ways. In short, some people just need more time and practice. State driving exam is an ultimate challenge, at least in my country. It gets harder with years and that is for a reason. Reckless driving has become an alarming problem. Accidents are happening daily, especially when weather conditions are getting worse. Sadly, reason for most crashes are drivers themselves.

Blonde behind the wheel

Blondes behind the wheel are a special case. They enjoy listening to the radio and singing along. They never look in the mirror, changing lanes on count three, dealing with their own stuff while driving - usually with multiple things at once. While on the road, she keeps turning the steering wheel right and left, resulting in slalom driving. Whenever she finds time to look away from her smartphone, she won't look further than the hood of her car. To sum up, this kind is fully persuaded her driving is spotless.

Looking for a date type

This kind is always looking to meet new people in traffic jams or at traffic lights. She is easy to recognize - once spotted she would immediately start sending signals to potential partners and smiling energetically. This type could be potentially dangerous as their energy is aimed away from the driving.

Statistics don't lie

6.5million car crashes have been studied by researchers and results showed a higher than expected number of accidents between two female drivers.(Dailymail in UK)

Country girl

Country girls are the introvert types They hide at their farms and occasionally take a ride to the nearby town. This is a cool type but hardly seen by bikers. She is normally afraid of traffic and keeps to the right lanes, letting everyone through.

VIP type

These ladies are rich and famous and are driving in Bentley, followed by security car (black SUV). They are hard to spot in the streets, almost never in traffic jams. They could be dangerous due to security guards having machine guns. Best is to stay away from these types - their guards could get aggressive.

The cool one

The cool one is a nasty type. This kind is probably most common. She is driving anything from expensive four-wheeler to cheap Mondeo. However, usually can be found in SUVs which they got from daddy, boyfriend or sponsor. She is the kind who provokes, does not take others into account and often hates bikers.


Which type are you?

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Racer girls are driving in finger-less leather gloves, at times gloves can be varnished red or similar, depending on the color of their car. This type could be easily recognized by their type of driving. Normally they drive fast and well. It almost looks like they are excusing themselves - "sorry i'm a lady, please let me through". These ladies keep trying to change lanes often and taking free spots. At times they try to drag race with motorcycles from traffic lights.

The chick

he chick is our girl. She is the one who would give a like on Facebook or smile at you, let you through. These girls are hard to find but are real treasure. On rare occasions she will chit chat at the traffic light. Usually they are dreaming of becoming bikers themselves.

The Queen

The Queen is a kind that would never let you pass on the highways, never move between lanes. She is a true Queen. It's just them in the world, others don't matter. Similar to Cool girls - stay away from these drivers if possible - they can harm you and just run away.


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