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Understanding your car’s suspension system through proper inspection

Updated on May 12, 2017
Car Suspension Inspection
Car Suspension Inspection

If there were flat roads in Perth, Australia with few and minute imperfections, then there will be no need for a suspension system in your car. But that is far from happening as your car wheels will still experience a significant amount of force when it drives through the surface anywhere. The suspension system in your car is actually responsible for extending the resistance of the tires from the ground. It works by giving the vehicle enough steering stability that provides a good grip, while giving the passenger/s a comfortable ride.

Inspecting the suspension system of your car is as important as checking the other parts of your vehicle, like the engine, battery, brakes, etc. Familiarizing with your car’s suspension system can help you through the proper inspection should problems take place.

Drive your car a few blocks

There’s a way to determine whether your car just needs to be greased or just has a loose suspension piece. You will need to drive your vehicle for at least several blocks to help you observe for odd sounds and vibrations. Now, to help you listen for unusual sounds from your car, you will need to turn off your radio. Should you hear a car clunk all throughout your drive, then you’ll need to have it greased. But if there’s a certain cluttering sound, then there probably is something loose in your car suspension system.

Shock test!

This test is not to check for your ability to absorb any form of shock when inspecting your car's suspension system. It’s actually for your car. You will need to find a safe place to park your vehicle since you will need to do some manual work for it. Now, go to one side of your car and then lean on it. Lean on it in a way that will make it spring back to you. If it bounces back to you several times, then you will be able to determine that this irregularity may lie on the shocks of your car.

Testing your Car
Testing your Car

Monitor your car

Another way of finding out if there’s a problem in your suspension system is when your car makes a turn. You will be able to notice your car bending strongly to one side when changing directions. You can also test for the same problem if the car makes sudden plunges when you step on the brakes (do this more than once to check for discrepancies).

Check if your car’s springs are broken

You will also be able to determine if the springs of your car are broken by checking your vehicles ride height. If the clearance is too low, then there’s your confirmation -- the springs are in fact damaged. For this, you can check for your car’s standard ride height through the specifications that have been given out by the manufacturer.

Give your car a lift!

For you to be able to check for discrepancies such as checking your car suspensions, you will need to have your car hoisted and have the wheels turned (spin each wheel using your hand). If you have protective gear around, such as a pair of rubber gloves and goggles, then you may have to use these for safety measures. Now, for hoisting the car up, make sure that it’s parked on a flat surface. Use the proper equipments for lifting the vehicle up as you can’t solely rely on just the Jack. So secure the wheels by using Jack stands. After this, make an inspection that will help determine if there are any fluid leaks on the shocks. Also check the ball joint play. These are actually chassis parts that are basically connected to both the control arms and steering knuckles.

Mobile Mechanic Perth
Mobile Mechanic Perth

Consulting a professional mobile mechanic in Perth

When consulting a mechanic in Perth, Australia, be sure you have gone through the basic inspection first before you go ahead and get your car checked. However, if you still feel that there is something wrong with your vehicle, then it would be best to consult a professional mobile mechanic in Perth. He or she will be able to provide you with accurate information and advice you on the best solution possible to help detect any problems you might encounter with your car’s suspension system.


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