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Unusual Personal Helicopter

Updated on December 10, 2014
Ultramodern Zero Personal Helicopter
Ultramodern Zero Personal Helicopter

What if we can buy a helicopter just as easy as we buy a bicycle? There is a design of a helicopter that looks compact and light in weight made and designed by Hector del Amo. This helicopter is called Ultramodern Zero Personal Helicopter. It is called personal helicopters because this helicopter can only take one person as the passenger which also serves as the pilot of the Ultramodern Zero Personal Helicopter. Hector del Amo tried to create a futuristic vehicle for personal transportation and to find a solution regarding traffic jam that has become regular problems mainly in big cities.

Move from one place to another without having worried about traffic jam is a dream of many people nowadays, especially for those who live in a big city and often stuck in a traffic jam. Perhaps, this personal helicopter is the solution to resolve traffic jam that is more widespread nowadays. Set aside the efficiency of this futuristic vehicle, let's take a look further on its details, this personal helicopter seems light if compare with any other flying vehicles that use the motor as the driving force. At least, this personal helicopter is faster than any land vehicles and suits for modern people who always pursued by their huge activities that are primarily because of catching or going to work.

Also, not everyone loves to fly. The design of this personal helicopter probably can frighten out some people, especially for those who don’t like flying or afraid of heights. Not to mention, this futuristic vehicle even doesn’t have any doors or shields to protect you from various possibilities of colliding that are undesirable such as colliding with birds or other objects in the air. For me, it looks more like a flying bicycle because of its compact design and it seems the Ultramodern Zero Personal Helicopter is lack of space for storage to store your items such as if you want to bring your bag or put any items that you can get after buying items from the store. However, the design of this futuristic vehicle is admirable.

Ultramodern ZERO Personal Helicopter
Ultramodern ZERO Personal Helicopter | Source

Helicopters are basically using rotors as the propulsion system. The helicopter rotors constitute two units of wings (which is the propeller) that shaped like two blades that will rotate 360 degrees continuously when it turned on. Helicopters usually using two units of rotors. The big one placed at the top of the helicopter body and the small one placed on the tail. When the helicopter is turned on, it will take off vertically up through the air. Helicopters also can do maneuver forwards, backwards and laterally. Unlike jet planes, using rotors makes helicopters can be steady and dwell in the air.

Ultramodern ZERO Personal Helicopter (front look)
Ultramodern ZERO Personal Helicopter (front look) | Source

With its compact size and seems light in weight, it makes the Ultramodern ZERO Personal Helicopter can be called as personal flying sport vehicles, because I think this vehicle is not suitable to be used to go to the office or for shopping. The mechanism of this vehicle actually looks similar with jetpack. Jetpack is a fly mechanism that uses jet units that we should carry behind our back. This kind of flying mechanisms perhaps just fit as an extreme sport that always triggers adrenaline.

Fly with jetpack
Fly with jetpack | Source

Flying using jet packs seems simpler than using rotors. When flying using a jet pack, we only need to carry a pack of jet in our back. Jet pack does not require frames and other common parts used to cover our bodies. But, when using a jet pack we have to use some sort of protective clothing that is at least able to protect our body from the dangers of gas contained in the jet pack and falling from heights. Also, not everyone can drive a jet pack with ease. The development of jet pack is still very limited until today. Jet pack cannot attempt long distances unlike when we use a vehicle such as helicopters that uses the rotors. Perhaps, flying using propeller can be effective to if the propeller using safe materials unlike rotors. Flying using rotor will be dangerous if there is no frame and certain covers that can cover our bodies because the rotors are using rotating blades and it can harm us if we do not cover our bodies with a strong protective gear.


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