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Upgrade Your Older Automobile

Updated on April 17, 2013

If you are like me, you have an older model car (prior to 2008) and you want to play music from your iPod or mp3 player. You want to abide by the new "hands-free" and/or "no texting" cell phone laws that are being passed in cities all over the world. Well, here is a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade your ride without paying for a new one.

RF Transmitter/Modulator

If you are getting bored with mainstream radio and want to play your favorite tunes from your own digital source, here are two things that will help: your cigarette lighter and an RF modulator. It transmits the sound from your headphone ack of your phone, iPod, mp3 player, memory card, etc. to your automobile's speakers via the radio waves. So, turn your radio on to a station that has no music playing on it, plug the cord into the headphone jack of your music payer, and viola! You have sound!

Pros: This costs less than $20. The quality of music will work commensurate to the quality of your auto's speaker system.

ALSO: if your phone works with a headphone jack, your phone will now be hands free as well! Now you can talk and drive if that is permissible where you live.

Cons: You will have to change the radio station frequency from time to time to find the best sound, especially if you drive long distances on the highway. It is always best to have a responsible partner riding along with you anyway, so have the passenger change the stations instead of the driver.

Hands Free Phone Conversations

If, for some reason, you do not want your music to mix with your phone (or your auto speakers do not work), then you can utilize your sun visor to hold your new bluetooth speakerphone system!

Now, in order for this to work, your cell phone has to be modern enough to have Bluetooth technology on it. You will have to research this yourself to find out.

Now, as long as your phone has Bluetooth, this Jabra hands free set worked well for me. It is louder than the regular speaker on your phone and you can adjust the volume with a large turn-dial style volume control. When your phone rings, just tap your Jabra gadget to answer your calls. Leave the cell phone alone and talk hands free!

Pros: This is less than $50.

Cons: You still have to check your phone's caller ID if you want to know who is calling before you answer.

Safety from EMF

Now, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). These invisible energies pose a larger threat to us than ever before since so many more people are using gadgets that transmit some form of wireless frequency. These frequencies run through our bodies all day and all night if we live in any form of urban/suburban are or live close to highways with cell phone towers or electrical towers. These EMFs wreak havoc on our bodies right down to the cellular level primarily because the EMFs operate in the same frequency range that our bodies' cells use!

Wimpy Cells?

In layman's terms, the cells in our bodies actually communicate with other cells in our bodies. They utilize frequencies that are now being crowded with bigger, stronger and louder frequencies. Let's imagine: You are a cell and your name is "Wimpy Kid." You are in the school hallway in between classes and you want to speak with a friend that is standing at the locker right next to you (another wimpy kid). The EMFs are the bullies and they keep preventing you from talking to your friend because they have loud radios, motorized buggies, loud megaphones and etc. and they are going back and forth in the hallway blasting all of their loud machines. Their noise is much louder than yours. You and the other wimpy kid have no chance of understanding the simplest conversations. What's worse, if you two remained in that noise all day and all night, it would cause major health problems for you!

Well, this is a major let down for you. Now that you have your car upgraded, you need to buffer some of the EMFs with something. There are items that you can get that will help you to lower the noise. There are special holographic chips that will assist in lowering the effects of these EMFs, even if you do NOT have any gadgets in your car. You have to protect yourself from the EMF rays that are coming from the community around you! What I do is have at least one of these small stickers on my car's dashboard near the little ash tray or compartments near my radio.

Pros: No batteries needed. No electrical outlet needed! One lasts about 4 weeks on a cell phone. Yes, you can stick one on your cell phone! A set cost about $50 - $60 which is reasonable for helping to reduce harmful EMFs.

Cons: These cost over $50. Some people do not care what it does since they do not "see" the effects.


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