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Upgrading your Golf Cart

Updated on July 29, 2016

The humble golf cart is now a popular mode of transportation for many people – especially those who have large pieces of property to be maintained, as an economical vehicle for getting about in a neighborhood or retirement area, and, as originally intended, on the golf course. But, like anything, there are times when one’s golf cart must be repaired and it is at those times that one may find themselves thinking of how to make the golf cart more than just a mode of getting from point A to point B.

If you have ever considered taking your golf cart and turning it into something more spectacular than ever, then here are some ideas to keep in mind.

  • Beverage Coolers – The convenience of having a cold drink at hand is great. The average golf cart shop can easily attach brackets for a cooler, or even a cooler to your cart to make it easy to have a drink wherever you are.
  • Panels and Guards – Do you ride your golf cart through farmland or rough terrain? Consider having rocker panels or brush guards added to the front cowl or headlights. These aren’t just a cool feature they offer protection.
  • Lift Kits – These popular upgrades can be done easily during a maintenance check or as an add on during a golf cart repair. The lift kits are a perfect addition if you enjoy off-road riding or travel over diverse terrains. Because they lift the golf cart off the ground by an extra 2 to 6 inches, it makes it safer to go off-roading.
  • Upgraded Controller – Having an upgraded controller means that you will have quicker acceleration and a higher torque, again making it easier to scale difficult terrain.
  • Body and Cowl – The color and design of the body set the mood for the ultimate customization. An authorized golf cart mechanic will be able to easily change the look of your cart.
  • Tire and wheels – Once you decide whether to have your cart designed with street wheels or off road tires, it is important that you keep the tires at their peak performance level.
  • Bluetooth – It’s not just for the average vehicle anymore! Make it easier than ever to listen to music or make calls – hands-free with a Bluetooth system.

Despite golf cart repairs that can be frustrating, being able to customize your golf cart makes them even more fun than any standard vehicle could ever be – and they cost less to maintain, too! Talk to a local golf cart body shop such as RM Golf Carts to learn how you can keep your smaller set of wheels on the go.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of custom golf carts. One such site worth visiting is

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