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Where to Find Used Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Updated on September 20, 2010

If you are after a used Harley Davidson then you have many choice in where to find one. In this article I hope to list a few of them to help narrow down searching for you and speed up finding the model of your choice, whether you are after an new Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide or something which is less of a mouthful like the Harley Davidson Night Rod.

In addition to listing the places where you can buy your future Harley Davidson, I will also mention the benefits and negatives of each place. Whether you are after rock bottom price or are prepared to pay a bit more for peace of mind, there will be something here for you.

One bit of advice before we start though - if you can decide on what H-D you want before searching. Do a bit of research in the style/size/performance before buying so you will know what to expect. It is human nature to shop around and find something you want, but rather than buying on impulse, if you come across a particular model you like, then you should stick with that and look for the same motorcycle at a more ideal price/color/etc.

Where to Find Second Hand Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Main Dealers

Authorized Harley Davidson Dealers are a great bet to find your Harley Davidson of choice. However they usually only hold bikes up to 5 years old. Older than this and there is not so much profit for them to worth bothering with. The benefits include warranty and you can fall back on them if something is not as described (you got a lemon). Negatives mostly come down to the cost. This is the most expensive place to buy a second hand Harley, but at least you should get a good condition one.

Second hand Dealers

Second hand dealers (you can find Harley specialists or just motorcycle specialists i.e. no cars) will have a vast selection of used motorcycles. They will be located in cheaper areas so the price to buy one is lower. You are also highly unlikely to have a warranty if things go wrong quickly. However you will still be covered by laws protecting you from buying an extremely bad motorcycle. They will also likely accept your old motorcycle trade in to off set the price of your new purchase.

Private Sellers

Private sellers will advertise in a number of places locally (check your motorcycle trade magazine) and online too like craigslist or eBay. You can get them cheaper than the above options and can negotiate lower than the advertised price but there is no come back at all if you buy a bad one. On the plus side you can still inspect it well (or get a vehicle inspector to do so) before purchasing to minimize the risk.

Auction Houses

Auctions are where the real bargains are and where the used motorcycle traders will purchase from. The only downside is you can't inspect the motorcycle you desire more than visually. No test ride, no oil check, no paperwork check, etc. So they are more risky to purchase, but get a good one and you're laughing.

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