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Used Surveying Equipment

Updated on January 31, 2012

Buying brand-new surveying equipment can be expensive and often you will pay a premium for the latest technology. With a modern total station ranging in price from a few thousand pound to over £10,000, buying brand-new isn't always the best idea.

For these reasons most surveying companies prefer to hire survey equipment but if you require a more permanent solution - and need to have the equipment to hand - a very cost effective solution is often to buy reconditioned or used survey equipment.

Tips for buying used surveying equipment:

- Buy from a reputable seller, preferably a company who also has a modern hire fleet and who are able to calibrate and repair instruments themselves. This will ensure the equipment is reconditioned to a high standard.

- Check the accessories. Instruments such as total stations often have many accessories which originally would have been supplied with the instrument. Make sure the price includes these accessories.

- Ask about the warranty: Just because something has been used or come off a hire fleet doesn't mean you shouldn't get a warranty. Any good seller will check, repair and calibrate the instruments prior to resale and it is normal to receive at least 3 months warranty on used equipment.


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