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Used Vehicles Sales - It's Impacts.

Updated on February 4, 2016
  a used car
a used car | Source

There had been a lot of changes in less developed countries because of the import and sales of used cars, buses, trucks. There had been significant changes in almost every aspects of the society. About ninety percent (90%) of cars owned and used in less developing countries are used cars, buses and trucks Listed below are some of the changes that came about as a result of the increase in used vehicles import/sales.

reconditioned car parts on sale
reconditioned car parts on sale | Source
used vehicles (for work) owned by senior workers at a mine.
used vehicles (for work) owned by senior workers at a mine. | Source

Positive Changes

  • Business opportunities had increased.There are used car businesses or dealers in almost every town. There are not just companies but individuals too. People are even selling car parts and consumables on the street and open markets.Car wash areas are located everywhere.
  • The public transport system is booming. Public and private transportation is now available in almost every little road that usually don't have cars.Taxis are now available at every corner of towns and public places.
  • Sales had increased too. Fuel sales have increased. Fuel refilling stations are very busy and opening for longer hours. Sales of spare parts and consumables have increased also.
  • Delivery or transport companies are expanding because of affordable car prices.
  • Private companies and government organisations are replacing and adding used cars to their fleet of vehicles.
  • There had been improvement in services because of competition and quality of vehicles.The public transport is much better now. The number of taxis had increased and quality of cars used in now better. Not long ago, taxi services were rare.
  • Transport in rural areas had increased in numbers and quality. Passengers do not have to wait for hours to catch a bus to go into town. They are able to transport their produce easily and travel comfortably.
  • Goods are now delivered quickly and effectively by trucking companies.
  • The wish of an average citizen to own a car is now full-filled because a vehicle, is something that only the higher class can afford.
  • most importantly cars, vehicles and trucks are sold at affordable prices.

Anyway, with every good things there are bad things also. Here are some of the negative changes that took place, which in my opinion are manageable and outweighed by the positive changes.

Traffic Congestion, cars on the right are on what is intended to be a walk way  and merging into the traffic in front.
Traffic Congestion, cars on the right are on what is intended to be a walk way and merging into the traffic in front. | Source

Negative Changes

  • Traffic congestion is becoming a regular occurrence on roads around the towns. There are more cars in the country, and the road networks are not designed to handle the sudden increase in the number of vehicles.
  • There is so much chaos in the bus stops or terminals, because the change took place so soon that, there is no proper planning for expansion ie. to cater for the increase in number of public buses.
  • Reconditioned spare parts are not readily available. If ordered will take weeks to arrive.
  • Criminal activities are increasing. Car theft for parts has increased because of lack of spares.
  • Parts are expensive. Since there is lack of reconditioned parts, new parts are often purchased, which is costly.
  • Because demand is high and supply is low, recondition parts if available are sold at prices which are excessive and can cost almost same as the price of a new part.
  • Old used cars or wreckage are becoming a waste management issue because they are not dumped properly and are often left corroding in a back yard, outside a workshop or on the road side.
  • Social problems have escalated because of the sudden change in lifestyle. People can now go out as often and travel further than before. There are a lot of people in debt or struggling to meet everyday's needs because of the change in lifestyle.
  • Service and maintenance cost for vehicles are too high or not affordable. A hidden cost of owning a car which car owners are now seeing.
  • There has been increase in law and order problems. eg. a lot of unregistered vehicles, drink driving, road accidents.
  • Reduction in sales of new cars by reputable companies.

However, in my opinion the sales and import of used cars, trucks, buses is large business and need a bit more control. Here are some recommendations for those involved.

Recommendations for improvement


  • Be responsible.The used vehicle sales/import is huge business and there should be some corporate responsibility or control. Just like how you manage other products or waste for reusing and recycling in the developed countries.
  • Sell only appropriate products. Identify your customers and what their needs are.
  • Donot export vehicles of low commercial values or not suited for less developing countries.Facilities for recycling are readily available and more advanced in the developed countries so such vehicles should be recycled in the country instead of being sent somewhere else.
  • Encourage importers/buyers to buy spare parts or rip some cars and supply parts to the buyers.


  • Identify the market in your country. Only bring in vehicles that are suitable for the road conditions, climate, that satisfies the clients or potential client's needs.
  • Make sure that they will be supported or can be supported by your company or other car dealers within the country. Include spare parts in your orders. You have to show some responsibility or abide by some standards.The way businesses are carried out in less developing country is changing.
  • Individuals who import the vehicles themselves, be warned, do not order vehicle just because it is cheap and affordable and cool. Be sure that you can get parts or there is someone in town who can service or maintain it for you before you purchase. It is advisable to buy through an agent or dealer in the country.

Despite all the negative changes, a lot of positive things have occurred in my life and many others in my country. I will rate it with 4 stars.

What rating would you give for used vehicles?

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