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Van Rental Chicago

Updated on May 8, 2009

Hire a Van in Chicago

Renting a van in Chicago is very simple and it is extremely easy to get great prices of van rentals. Cargo vans are perfect for people who are transporting goods across the country. Cargo vans are great for do-it-yourself moving jobs. Passenger vans are good for transporting a small group of people to a desired destination. Large families should also consider hiring a passenger van if they are going on vacation together. This 'hub' will tell you how to rent a van in Chicago and how to get the best available deals.

How to Rent a Van in Chicago

There are three ways to rent a van in the Chicago area. You must have a valid Chicago drivers license to book a van. You will probably need a credit card to be able to book a van. Firstly, you can book on the Internet at the official websites of the van rental companies. All the national van rental companies have websites and most of the local (Chicago area) companies also have websites where you can book a van. Secondly, you can ring one of the van rental companies and book over the phone. Lastly, you can visit a local dealership and book in person. As the 3rd largest city in the United States, there are plently of dealerships to visit!

Getting the Best Deals on Chicago Van Rentals

Finding great deals on a Chicago van rental is not difficult. Firstly, you should do some quick searches using one of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) to discover some of the best possible deals. You should also do a separate search for some coupon codes which will save you between 5-10% off the price of the rental. You can also look for some coupons in local publications such as newspapers and magazines. Visiting the websites of the different van rental companies is also a good idea as they often have great daily deals.

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