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Vehicular Noise Pollution: How to prevent It

Updated on October 20, 2011

Noise Pollution generated from vehicles is a serious problem that is mostly ignored even though it affects all road users either as the polluters or Victims of the Pollution. One notorious example is the rampant scenario where some teenagers find it attractive to tamper with the Mufflers of their motor bikes so that an unassuming machine becomes the king of the road by spilling out loud irritating noise.

But what is more important is the individual polluting tendencies that spans across all ages, the impact on Road Safety, Traffic Regulation, and how we all could become better road users. This Hub will examine the problems and give some remedies as you would soon find below.

Routine inspection of your car could reduce noise pollution

I had to check my car to prevent noise pollution
I had to check my car to prevent noise pollution | Source

Factors affecting noise generated by motor vehicles

Enclosure - Noise generated when vehicles are travelling through narrow paths bordered by walls or solid barriers like buildings or tunnels tend to be more intense than in open places. Here the problem is external, as such, could not be regarded as an abnormal situation.

Silencer - A decrease in the Efficiency of the Silencer is directly proportional to an Increase in the noise emitted by the Vehicle. Hence, you could encounter an intense noise coming out of your vehicle when the silencer begins to become less effective.

Mode of driving - You could be directly responsible for the cause of noise coming out of your vehicle. Adopting an incorrect way of driving such as braking sharply and sudden acceleration could create irritating or shocking noise to other road users.

Causes of Noise in Vehicles

Vehicular noise could be caused by how you maneuver all or any of the following below,

Excessive use of Horn - Horns should be used to attract attention when it is necessary for road safety. It should be barely used until it becomes necessary. Before deciding to use your horn at every slight opportunity, you should first consider how chaotic it would be if every road users begins to sound their horns in the same manner. Sometimes road users tend to use the Horn to express aggression to other commuters.

Body and Suspensions - A car is likely to begin to generate noise if the body and suspensions are not adequately maintained. Here you hear vibrations when ever the Vehicle encounters a dip or rough surfaces.

Silencer - Downgrading of the silencer, especially with age could increase the noise coming out of the engine of your car, Bike or other vehicles.

Artificial Horns - Some drivers are of the Habits of substituting the manufacturer's Horn with multi-tone artificial Horns. Most of these types of Horns are usually not approved by Traffic Control Authorities.

Squealing of Tyres - Although some drivers deliberately squeal their tyres to make fun or draw attentions, it is the process of entering bends at a high speed that is more complex because it is sometimes not deliberate.

How to reduce, avoid or eradicate noise generated by Vehicles

You could reduce the noise generated by your Car, Motorcycle, or any other road vehicle by adhering to the rules stated below,

• Restrict the use of your Horn to only when it is essential for Road Safety.

• Avoid indiscriminate acceleration such as accelerating continuously for no reason.

• Avoid unnecessary braking. Except when it becomes absolutely necessary, you should also avoid braking sharply.

• Always inspect your Brake because sometimes the noise could be an internal squeal in the Brake.

• Endeavour to always adjust Load or other secondary appendages attached to the vehicle.

• Avoid revving your car Engine when the vehicle is not in motion.

• You should check if your muffler is worn out and replace it as soon as possible. You should know that replacing your muffler requires that you check for an approved type.

• Always check the body and suspension of your car or vehicle by creating time intervals for bodywork and or maintenance of the suspension.

Apart from the fact that uncontrolled noise tend to tilt a society to the primitive, you wouldn't know who is not in good health condition or how your indiscriminate actions could harm the health of the other man. You should also consider that, you could be breaking the law. Hence, the importance of being conscious of noise Pollution.


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    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 5 years ago

      Thank You Simone Smith! Am happy to know that you found this Hub important. Hence, I will be writing related Articles until am exhausted.

      @adeaugustus, Such a beautiful Idea! Thanks for bringing it to my knowledge!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

      I didn't realize that there are actual THINGS one can do to reduce noise pollution from one's car! Awesome Hub!

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 5 years ago

      adeaugustus, I think your comment about the Nigerian Pollution is a beautiful window into the World of a new Hub. Thanks!

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