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Vintage cars: They'll get you hooked

Updated on April 13, 2011

my baby

Fun, fun, fun til reality takes the t-bird away

This is my 66 tbird. Landau roof, black repainted from the original white, sweet sweet red interior. Swing away steering wheel. Power windows and seats. I don't think anyone but me has ever sat in the back seat. If ya need to transport three or four dead bodies, well, the trunk would accommodate them. Black and white herringbone fabric in it, mint. All original hubcabs. Plus the spare's, The radio and A/C work, can you believe it?

Central Texas is a hub of vintage car shows, car clubs, and some great vintage mechanics that will give your baby the loving care and restoration it needs. Thunderbirds Southwest in La Grange is amazing, and has the super-cool added convenience of a little airstrip if you wanna land your plane there while you browse the vintage T-birds, Metropolitans, and a whole lotta cars that will have you drooling. They do repairs, too.

Swap meets are a great way to meet other owners, get sources for parts, or just admire the vintage goods that the people have so lovingly restored. Hot-rods, low-riders, hooptie rides, mid-life crisis symbols, there are alot of ways to express your automobile obsession. And of course you can go to St. Augustine to see the high-roller's auction.

One you get hooked, it's hard to stop.

And you can't swing a cat without hitting a classic Mustang, El Dorado, or some sweet muscle car when you're tooling around Austin or driving on one of the highways that passes nearby.

God, I love my little car. But times are hard, and I needs to liquid-ma-date. It breaks my heart to sell her. Audrey. Yes I name my cars. A weird situation but I got her for free, put about three grand into her to get her in really good shape, so she could be a daily driver. She purrs like a little kitten and turns heads. But I need the cash.

Dangit, no one wants a '66, they want a '64 Thunderbird. Or a convertible, Or a real live showcar. Or a fixer-upper that costs a grand or so. She's got 390 under the hood. Two door, a little rust on the passenger side and beat up rug but otherwise a classic in great condition...... I wish I could keep her. I've had a few bites from buyers, but no serious inquiries so far. Vintage car clubs seem the best way to sell something. I guess I'm not trying hard enough, because I still love her. Impractical as she may be. "Dad, can I keep the puppy? Pleeeeze? I'll feed her and walk her and, oh never mind."

I don't have the money to trick her out, but when I win the lottery, I'll do it. For now, sadly, she's on the auction block. No renovations for me, as least in my financial situation, unless I can barter....Dangit.

Sweet interior

times be tuff

Should I sell Audrey if I can get 5 grand for her?

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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 6 years ago

      I love old cars , my favorit though.....trucks . My wife thinks I'm nuts. 48 ford pickup, 55 ford , love um all. Beautiful car!!!

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      Wow, great Hub on your T-Bird...I remember in High School dating a guy with a T-Bird...we were so (I'm ashamed to admit) into what kind of a car the guy drove. But so sorry to hear your car now sits on the auction block. It must be hard to let it go.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Sweet looking....voted up