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Viper 5760V Car Security System Review

Updated on September 2, 2015

How do I secure my new car from stealing? That's the first question for a car owner. Well, there are lots of devices available in the market for car security. Viper 5760V security alarm system is one of the best devices out there.

Let's see, what is Viper 5760V security system?

Basically, it is an alarm system. You will have a remote. When someone tries to break in your car, it alarms you. And you can lock & unlock your car door, window, trunk. You can also start and stop your car engine.

There are five buttons on the remote. Two of them are on front, while others are on the side. There is also a mini screen for current status of the car. Two front buttons are used to lock and unlock the car. The side buttons are auxiliary button, start button and function button. Auxiliary button can be programmed to perform an extra function like opening the trunk. With the function key, you can programmed up to 4 functions.

Now, using the start button is bit tricky. You need to hold the start button until you hear a sound. After the hearing the sound, you car engine will be started within 3-4 seconds. The engine will remain on for around 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, it will be turned off automatically. After starting the car with the remote, you need to insert the key. Otherwise, if you try to use the break or something the engine will be turned off. So, after starting the engine with the remote, insert the key and then you are ready to go. To stop the engine with the remote, you just need to press the start button.

The remote has a range of 1 mile. So, if can control your car from 1 mile distance. There is also a micro USB port for charging as there is re-chargeable battery. But, there is no need to charge the remote frequently. The remote may need charged up once in two month or even more.

With the Viper 5706V security system, there is an extra remote which has no screen. It has five button on the front. It is useful, when the primary remote is lost or stolen.

How to install the Viper 5706V security system? As it is a security device, I will recommend to have it installed by an expert. Otherwise, the system may not function properly and nobody wants to have his/her car stolen.


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