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Volkswagen Group in a nutshell

Updated on November 25, 2013

In the long awaiting world many eager enthusiasts expected superb results from the next big foreign car fashioned for classic tunes and I am fascinated exactly how bad the new Golf R is, especially for the price. Having watched reviews, looking at the specs and doing the research I would expect to be even more depressed about the revision to the R32 which had 250 ponies which was a revision to 240. The new one didn’t even break double digits in boosting horsepower. While American budget cars boost their numbers sometimes more than two hundred, comparatively speaking; the recent Honda Civic Si and Golfs have fallen short and seem to be without a doubt the least capable and thrilling cars to drive. I was astounded by the price tags and even more surprised to learn with an electronic differential it only manages a 6 second 0-60... Long story short, if you want an AWD sports car get a used STI or Mitsubishi Evolution cause there will be at least 1 person laughing at you if you buy a 33k car with under 260 horses instead of a 23k car with 300 and sub 5 seconds to 60. Don't get me wrong I value engineering as much as any other gear head but this car has fallen way, way, way short and hasn’t even broken the barrier of being that tone-deaf guy that goes to the karaoke bar every time you do. Just because it has some technology that the Volvo R had on its car nearly 10 years ago doesn’t mean it has that true Euro tuner/ sports car status!

Ignore the 1 digit and it is nearly impossible to figure out which witch is which. German automakers have always been extremely subtle with the styling but I think enough is enough when you cannot tell the front of the RS5 which will most likely come in a coupe and perhaps soft top from the RS4 wagon. My view is that the supercharged 3.0 V6 they are using is but a mere middle ground for the upcoming battle of the new Mercedes’ AMG and BMW’s M3 soon to come. But I must give Audi super props for their upgrade from their quatro to a much more sophisticated drivetrain which not only allows for more traction but dynamically a much more joyful experience if you decide to take the TCS off. I want to give the posh name to what Audi calls it but I get lost in all the stupid little names that they give each car. Like they are any different, am i right. I hate drivers that tell me there car has quatro, 4 motion, 4 matic, 4 by 4. Honestly is 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive it doesn’t make you special because you have a "special" name to your system, to distract customers to significant difference between traction system and possibly the company itself.

The tail happy and heavily equipped Carrera 911 has always had a niche in the minds of equally stubborn upper class who demand the perfect scenario at all times as Porsche tailor fitted for almost every enthusiastic driver. Yet the two companies share some subtle crossover changes recently and will definitely continue as shared innovation has tamed the beast into a near perfect driver’s car. Although if the price per horse power or 0-60 time is what worries you, you might want to buy American or even Japanese. Porsche goes to unimaginable lengths to perfectly calibrate their cars and with the new 911’s rear end mounted drivetrain as well as meticulously engineered chassis components so that literally every apex is met like a needle on a mural sized portrait accuracy. A new Hydraulic Sway bar end link with new & improved “Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control” which stock is very capable of making the most experienced racers break their teeth grinning. YET, companies like TVR, Ariel, and the replica Cobras might still be the only ones left for the DIE-HARD, SEMI-SUICIDAL, TRACK-RAT?!


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