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Volkswagen Hard Starting

Updated on June 18, 2012

Many older volkswagen cars may have hard starting issues. One simple thing to replace is the fuel accumulator. It is not a big piece and most likely your car still has the original one in it because most have no idea about it.

The fuel accumulator is designed to hold the available fuel pressure at the injectors for quick starting. As the years pass, the internal diaphragm loses its seal and they lose pressure causing the fuel to flow back into the gas tank. This creates a section of the fuel line with no fuel, so when you start the car the gas has to be pumped passed this empty section. This causes the hard starting many times as it over works the fuel pump and starter.

Though the part is small, it is pricey-$180 - 224. Most VW's made in the late 70's and into the 90's probably have this part. Check you service manual and replace to see if that corrects hard starting. If it does not, well, that is one less item you need to consider creating the problem.


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