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Volkswagen Vento Vs Fiat Linea : Reviews and Comparison of features, performance and prices

Updated on September 7, 2010

Fiat Linea was launched with a lot of features that drew the attention of customers and is successful in the industry so far. Linea was released with features like Airbags, ABS, Picture EBD, ESP, ASR system which allowed easier driving even in rough road conditions and features like MSR, Hillholder-HBA, Airbag smart-2 system, side and curtain air bags, front racked seat belts, as additional safety controls in the car. Linea has great brake and engine control which offers effective traction control. New Linea Tjet may be released any time which will be the new competitor in this segment. Now Volkswagen released Vento which will offer a tough competition for Linea. The main features provided are advanced chassis design, rigid body shell, five three point seat belts, front and side air bags, ABS anti-lock brakes with EBD. Vento gives top notch driving and seating comfort with the boot space to be of 500 litres.

Vento Interior

Vento is a modification over it's famous hatch back sibling Polo. Body features are chrome inlays in front grille, rough road package with increased ground clearance and partially zinc coated body with 6 years anti-rust warranty. Vento comes in Trendline and Highline variants and the highline offers more safety features and equipments. Trendline comes only in solid colors. Highline offers body coloured door handles and mirrors . Interior is designed by giving more attention to function. The front seats are not wide as you would expect. The dashboard is positioned on the higher side. The interior rear view mirror offers poor quality backward visibility while the ORVMs do a good job to compensate this. Dust and pollen filters, rear AC vents, Livon superior fabrics, front and rear mid arm rests makes the interior of Vento more comfortable and equally attractive. Provision is provided for the back passengers to adjust the front seats.Though it is not spacious as City but it doesn't make a much difference too. There are rear air conditioner vent which is available in Linea only in this segment.Due to the same locking mechanism in Polo, passengers can't lock their door independently and the only way to lock the doors is the driver's control panel. Both petrol and diesel 1.6 L each produces a peak power of 105 PS and petrol version offers 6 speed automatic transmission. Volkswagen claims 14.4 kpl for the petrol AT, 15.83 kpl for the petrol MT and 20.54 kpl for the diesel.

Linea Interior

The elegant Italian fiat Linea provides body features as the silver grilles and bold rear designs, with great suspension, luxurious seats and uncluttered instruments bearing dashboard. Front and Rear arm rests, Rear AC vents, Steering mounted buttons, Electric mirrors and integrated mp3 players are provided as in other variants of same segment. Linea looks awesome in it's interiors even better than Honda city. The plastics and fabric look very very expensive with positions of arm rest, foot rest, and alignment of cool steering wheel etc.The rear seats are fitted with Isofix attachments for child seats, and head-restraints are standard equipment on the side seats. But headroom is a little bit less. Engine variants are 1.3 L diesel and 1.4 L petrol, not powerful as that of Vento which is a stunner.

Vento Front
Vento Front
Vento Rear
Vento Rear

Vento’s Edges over cars in same segment like Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Maruti SX4 can be summarized as, Vento  is An European sedan which is well-built and robust, provides Clean and contemporary styling with superbly integrated Boot. Competitive pricing for a German car. Can be called as New torque king of the C segment with it’s amazing Diesel Engine. Superb suspension setup. Balanced ride & handling.

While some draw backs can be noted as, Only two variants are available, the Trendline is too basic and there is not a comfortable middle variant. Due to its Average low rpm response Petrol engine isn't as impressive as the diesel. And about Electric power steering, The Vento deserves a pure hydraulic unit. And besides these things VW have only 47 dealer network in India and their long-term ownership costs are unknown.

Linea front
Linea front
Linea Rear
Linea Rear

The first thing people liked about Linea is it’s Seductive styling.
Solid build quality,Fuel-efficient diesel, Brilliant handling & dynamics, Mature ride quality and Top level of equipment being other impressive factors.

And draw backs of Linea noted are Quite underpowered for a sedan, Compact rear seat confines, Lack of outright performance of both Petrol and Diesel Engines, Inferior after-sales support and Niggling issues.

Table Comparing the features and prices of Vento and Linea

VW Vento
Fiat Linea
Ground Clearance
161(P) / 165(D)
Boot Space
Kerb Weight - Petrol
Kerb Weight - Diesel
1.6 L
1.4 L
104 BHP @ 5250 rpm
89 BHP @ 6000 rpm
153 NM @ 3800 rpm
115 NM @ 4500 rpm
137 NM/TON
1.6 L
1.3 L
104 BHP @ 4400 rpm
92 BHP @ 4000 rpm
250 NM @ 1500-2500 rpm
209 NM @ 2000 rpm
210 NM/TON
162 NM/TON
Entry Variant
Mid Variant
Premium Variant
Automatic Gearbox
Entry Variant
Mid Variant
Premium Variant

Thus Vento is a real threat not only to Linea but also to other competitors like great Honda City, Hyundai Verna and Maruti SX4 and no need to wonder if Vento exceeds the sales of Polo. And if Linea Tjet is released in near future the competition is going to be more thrilling in this Segment. Thanks for reading. Feel free to post your comments.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hai friends I want to buy a new car. I am interested on

      FIAT LINEA & VW VENTO. Please suggest me a car from both of these. To tell frank i am interested on LINEA

    • truckdriversafety profile image

      Clara Voz 

      6 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      Great article. I love my Vento !

    • profile image

      rishab shah 

      7 years ago

      vento iz d choice of a winner cz even though nt better den linea in looks it 10 times more powerfull and fast den linea nd vento rox nd rules d road

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Vento is 3rd class.Linea is 1st class.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      vento is the best car in c segment sedan. as it has powerful engine .suspension is good . german technology,comfort is quite excelllent. just it lacks looks. linea is good in only luxury and looks but no performance. buying vento will make more sense.

    • profile image

      Sunny P Samuel 

      7 years ago

      I like the features of vento, but the ground clearance. Ford fusion is much better than vento in ground clearance. And it is a foolery for vento to have a 14" spare wheel for 15" alloy wheeled highline.

    • profile image

      akshay samant 

      8 years ago

      As I am planning to buy a diesel car but very much confused between fiat linea & volks wagon vento. Please sugest few comparisons along with the price & features.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      iam planning to buy a car but confused between fiat linea (diesel) and volks wagon vento (diesel)....pls suggest me...or shoul i go for some other car in this segment??

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Some interesting facts about the FIAT multijet engine's technological superiority.

      The jury of the International Engine of the Year Awards elected the 1.3 litre MultiJet turbodiesel engine produced by Fiat as International Engine of the Year 2005 in the 1.0-1.4-litre category. The Fiat 1.3 diesel engine won the award ahead of the Honda 1.3 litre IMA, Peugeot-Citroen/Ford Diesel 1.4 litre, Volkswagen 1.4 litre FSI, Toyota Diesel 1.4 litre, and Daihatsu 1.3 litre engines.

      The International Engine of the Year jury, which comprises 56 of the world’s most respected motoring journalists from 26 countries in the world, judged every single engine in mass-production that is installed in a car on sale in more than one country. The list included almost 60 new engines that have come to market in the previous 12 months. The 1.3 Polish-built common rail diesel engine features MultiJet technology that was developed at the Fiat Research Centre.

      MultiJet uses electronic control to divide the main injection into several smaller ones to achieve quieter combustion, reduced emissions and increased performance. Low weight is a further asset of this 90 bhp, 209 Nm engine. And it is compact too, which means it can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles. This versatility found favour with the judges: "A frugal and agile engine for a wide variety of different cars," commented the German motoring journalist, Thomas Imhof. Awards Chairman Graham Johnson says: "It’s a very smooth and quiet diesel application that offers fine driveability and performance, combined with economy". Swedish judge Lasse Sward summed the engine up thus: "Small, lightweight, smart and very fuel efficient".

      The 1.3 diesel engine represents a new chapter in diesel engine technology, pioneered by Fiat. Just as it did in 1988, with the launch of the Fiat Croma 1.9 TDI, the first standard production car in the world to be fitted with a direct injection diesel power unit. And, 10 years on, the advent of the 1.9 JTD, the first direct injection diesel unit to be built using the Common Rail technology that was developed by Fiat."

      Go ahead and take the Linea because you have one of the world's best award-winning engines under your car's hood. Still, do people want to take the City, or the Vento, or the SX4 or even the Jetta?

    • profile image

      lake worth off lease vehicles 

      8 years ago

      After the above comparison, I must give more emphasis on VW model. All the feature of the above Vento contains more magical figure as compared to the Linea.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Please take into account the higher service cost of Vento since Germans are renowned for higher service charges, whereas Linea will not be so expensive to maintain. And mind you, the same engine and some other components of the Linea are shared with the Tata Manza. So expect availability of spares at all times.

      Also, Linea gives better fuel efficiency than Vento.

      What people don't understand is why the price of Linea is lower than it actually deserves. The reason is that FIAT has saved a huge investment in setting up its exclusive sales and service points in India. Instead it has relied on TATA and passed on that margin of a car's purchase cost as a discount to the buyer. Intelligent buyers will know this. Actually the Linea is worth Rs. 12-13 lakh. If they had priced the Linea so, then it would have commanded a stronger value. People who know about automobiles would agree that even now Linea commands a respectable value. You have to pay a minimum of Rs. 1.2 lakh just for the extra features which Linea has compared to the competition. And how will you ever get the well-accomplished and superb ride which Linea offers you compared to the rough ride of the City or the not so plush ride of the Vento?

      Think well and decide.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I just did a test drive of the Vento 1 hr back.

      I want to upgrade from my 3 yr old Indigo and have been looking only at Diesels (my avg running is about 1500 - 1600 Kms per month - and it only seems the difference between petrol and diesel will continue to increase).

      So I checked the Linea out yesterday (just for fun i also took a TD on the new T-Jet plus (that car is awesome btw) and the trim levels on that car (for the price) are amazing - the accelearation/power/torque being considerably poorer than any other car in its class. Comparatively even though the Vento was very impressive, the Trim levels that one would expect of a car in this price range were just not there. No Steering mounted controls, no USB connection for the Music player (The sales person told me I could exchange the player to get that feature - 0ff course at an additional 12-40 thousand.!!). And nothing like the Blue&me system that is present on the Linea (even the Manza now offers it - so why cant a company like VW?). Rear leg room is much better in the Vento. Also even in the Highline model 9the top-end version) there is no "distance to Empty" figure on the dial. The diesign and styling of the Vento could have been inproved by giving it a slightly different nose than that of the Polo. I mean people who buy a 10 lakh car dont want others to mistake it for a 6 lakh car from the front!! Look at how Fiat designed the Line even though its basically based on the Punto Platform.

      Still, at that price range a lot comes down to perceptions and everyone has to agree that VW definitely has been perceived as a better car any other carmaker (except the merc, beemers and audis) and just asI was slowly tilting towards the Vento, the sales lady finally decides to tells me that the delivery period of this car is anywhere between 4 to 5 months !!!

    • sidhoo123 profile image


      8 years ago from keralam

      linea better in looks.vento better in luxury

    • notepanya profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you rockero.

    • Kanav profile image


      8 years ago from Matrix

      Vento has everything going for it. But Diesel will shadow Petrol and ANHC will still rein the roost although with some uneasy initial months.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Thanks for the comparision and the pics. The real comparision has to be drawn once the Linea t-Jet is launched!!! The current engines of the linea are not to be compared with either the Vento or the City.... with such underpowered engines the Linea has performed so well so far. In my view it is the best C segment car today on the Indian roads and will be even better once the t-Jet is launched. Tata motors its time you guys gave Fiat its due!!!

    • macro_life profile image


      8 years ago from India

      Tjet may not be released this year. Fiat could launch a 1.6l diesel linea. And when that happens, it will be a very tough fight between the two European sedans. They will definitely eat into the sales of verna and city.

    • creativeMind profile image


      8 years ago from Cochin

      Fiat has more than styling.

      Linea's service interval is 15000 kms.

      Waiting for Linea Tjet with Dualogic transmission.


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