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Volkswagen's OMG Diesel Scandal

Updated on October 10, 2015

Luckily, for those VW diesel car owners that own pre-2009 VW diesel cars, the current software diesel fraud or scandal has no impact. Those owners still get the great gas mileage of up to 45 MPG, still have good performance, The owners of 2009-15 models have many options: They can sell the car, sue VW for fraud in their ads, keep the car and get it repaired free, or keep the car and do nothing. Most will follow the last, that is, do nothing.

The fix is minor and might cost VW up to $2000 per car. The fix will correct the software and minor alterations and make the diesel cleaner at minor sacrifices in performance. SO, the VW scandal is really political and VW is the getting whipped for getting caught, because GM and others do this also.

But, what are we really talking about with regards to emissions? How different are VW diesel emissions from 2004-8 models when compared to 2009-15? Is it really that different to slam VW so hard that could bankrupt them?

It begins with President Obama's quest for cleaner air. He signed a bill mandating that diesels made from 2009 only emit 0.07 grams of nitrogen oxide per mile. FYI, .07 grams is already 90% reduction from the nitrogen oxide output of the average car today. This is ALL cars, diesel or gas. Earlier models can emit more, but it is still minuscule and at 85% level. It represents just 1\40th the output of all 10 million vehicles in the USA. For reference, a truck made in the 1980's released 28 grams per mile into the air of nitrogen oxide. Studies reveal that only 5-20 people die a year from diesel cars, even that is dubious. How does one know a gas or diesel caused someone to die?

The clean act has expanded and has become too anal about creating clean air standards to where it is diminishing returns for the amount of cost to meet the regulations. Part of Obama's quest for cleaner air mandates that by 2025, all vehicles should be able to get 54 MPG. This regulation will only decrease carbon dioxide by less than 1%, but force major engine changes and emission problems, but it looks good for President Obama!

But worse, a 1000 megawatt gas fueled power plant produces the same amount of nitrogen oxide into the air as 482,000 VW diesel Passats and Jettas. This is the offending number of 2009-15 models on recall. And there are many of these in America, while a nuclear power plant produces zero. Why doesn't Obama build more of these? They have proven to be safe- just look at Europe.

Clean is air is great and needed. But, what happened to VW is over .07 grams of NOX and getting it to be cleaner is proving not worth it. That is why VW stopped selling their diesels in the USA.


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