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Volvo V40 One of the Safest Cars in the World

Updated on December 22, 2012

You Can't Go Wrong With the Volvo V40

Best Executive Hatch

The new Volvo has won the 2012 Scottish Car of the Year awards for Best Executive Hatch held on the 14th of October in '12 in Glasgow, Scotland. With the new V30 of 2013, Volvo pushes the safety record that is already impressive. The V30 replaces the V50 and the V30 in this ultra-new line up. Not too long ago security records were broken by the car in a series of checks for collision in an agency of European security. This car attained some of the safety organization's highest marks and got an overall score of five stars for safety.

Pedestrian Safety

This makes it one of the world's safest cars. Volvo senior security advisor Thomas Broberg has also mentioned that another target Volvo has for 2020 is that no one should be seriously injured or die in a Volvo. For pedestrian safety, the V40 has also set new records and this can also be said for adult passenger security. This newest car by Volvo features the safest and most intelligent car in its category packed with systems of safety including Pedestrian Detection for shielding pedestrians and auto brake.

Blind Spot Safety

The driver stays within his or her lane with the Lane Keeping Aid and in the offset rear 'blind spot' drivers can detect vehicles with the BLIS feature. There is also a system for whiplash protection to help in protecting passengers who are adults. For pedestrian protection, there is the first ever airbag on the exterior. The V40 was given an ideal score by the Europe NCAP for technologies of safety assistance to avoid accidents such as the Pedestrian Detection system and the City Security.

Great Timing

One clear advantage of the V40 by Volvo is that it has beaten the arrival of both the Mercedes Benz A Class and the Audi A3 in the market. This new insipid wagon and saloon model fits perfectly with the new Volvo image and yet unequivocally cool. A new small family car, the Volvo V40 is available in the form of a five-door hatchback and unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. This car was the replacement of the Volvo V50 estate and S40 saloon and is available for sale since May of '12 in Europe and since August in the United Kingdom. This version is the last designed Volvo by Peter Horbury, British designer before he moved to Geely, the parent of Volvo.

Out With the Old in With the New

The lineup of the engine is carried from current models of Volvo. Two petrol engines include a 2.5 liter l5 Volvo engine with 254 horsepower and a 1.6 liter Ford EcoBoost engine producing 180 and 150 hp. There are also two versions of the Volvo engine 1.6 L diesel including the 177 hp and the 150 hp. The car is built on a Ford C1 modified platform which was also utilized by the C30 of Volvo. The company insists that it has revised every damper and spring setting and re-rated the electric power steering.


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      António 5 years ago

      Nice car, but by default has a lousy sound system...