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Washing Cars The Right Way

Updated on October 27, 2014

Why you should wash your car

Washing your car can be a relaxing weekend activity. It can also be very frustrating if you don't know what you're doing. Obviously the overall reason to wash your car, is so that it looks nice. This holds true, although washing your car helps the paint job last longer. It also forces you to look around your car, almost as an inspection. If there is ever a dent or scratch, you would notice it by washing your car. So lets get to it.

Step 1: Set up shop

First thing's first. you have to set up your work area. You need to wash your car where there is shade. A cool area. Once you have that established, simply set up the things needed to wash your car. This includes: One clean bucket filled with water, One clean bucket filled with Car wash soap and water, a hose, a large sponge or wash mit, and a chamois or other drying towel. Set this up so that you can easily access these items quickly.

Step 2: Hose it down

After your area is set up, you'll need to hose your car down, to remove any loose dirt. Cover all surfaces of the car using a high pressure setting on your hose. This will remove any loose dirt that scratch or make the car more dirty while you're washing it. Get it nice and wet!

Step 3: Wash

This is the part where you actually wash the car. You will need to be quick and thorough. The reason you need to be quick, is because you want to avoid drying spots on the car once you've washed it. So here's what you do. Grab that large sponge, or wash mit and dunk it in the car wash bucket. get it nice and sudsy. Start from the very top of the car and work to the back of the car, then each side, then the front. Think of each side (Top, left side, right side, back, and front) as a section. Once you wash one section you'll want to hose that section down, and make sure you remove all of the soap! Also you'll want to ring out your sponge in the water filled bucket to remove the dirt on the sponge. Do this for each section moving quickly from one to the other. You should scrub the car with a little bit of force behind the sponge, using quick lateral motions. No Circles!!! Once you're done with this step the car should be nice and shiny, but still wet!

Step 4: Drying

This is the final step. Drying the car properly will avoid any water spots on the car. using a drying towel simply lay the towel over a section and run it over until it's dry. Go through each section top to bottom. After that you can take a drive around the block , just be sure to avoid the sun until the car is completely dry! Now your car is beautiful!!!


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