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Weiand 65131 Supercharger Kit

Updated on March 16, 2011

Weiand Supercharger

Weiand Supercharger kit has got the following features. It has 177 Blower that works perfectly and efficiently, the supercharger kit comes with the Long Nose, It comes with a safety 10-Rib Drive Belt.

The supercharger is designed and engineered to Produce 100-175 Extra Horsepower While Maintaining Outstanding Street-Ability. The beauty of the Weiand 65131 Supercharger Kit is that it comes With Everything Needed For

A Complete Installation and the finish is stylish and Polished Finish, Weiand use Kit Part Number 6504-1 6509-1, it also has Elongation Of Four Center Bolt Holes May Be Required To Install Cast-Iron Heads  , the beauty of the Weiand is that it's Fits Most Short And Long Water Pump Application, Excluding Late Models With Serpentine Accessory Drive

Weiand supercharger

Weiand supercharger
Weiand supercharger

Weiand 65131 Supercharger Kit will slightly cost you more and one needs to prepare before buying the Weiand 65131 Supercharger Kit, otherwise it is a high quality and a long lasting equipment that will take you some good time. 

You will be able to buy the Supercharge kit online from the Amazon store where one will be capable to get other users reviews and advantages and disadvantages. Do your due diligence before buying the Weiand 65131 Supercharger Kit, you can always compare price online before making your purchase


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