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What Car Should I Choose?

Updated on November 14, 2011

Having your own car may well be one of your biggest dreams in life. Well, this is no surprise keeping in mind that it is the dream of many other people, too. So, when you have saved enough money that you can afford to buy the car of your dream, you may want to start thinking what car is actually the right car for you? Well, due to the ever increasing number of models available out there to date, this may become quite confusing. However, in fact, there are things to which you should pay attention in order to choose the right car for you.

The Type of Cars Required

First of all, you need to think the type of cars required instead of available. Well, today, there are sedans, hatchbacks, station wagons, crossovers, SUVs, MPVs, minivans, coupes and even convertibles. Among these car types, remember, choose the one that suits your needs instead of your personal desires for such things as styles and so on.

The Size of Cars Required

The size of the car you are choosing is the next important thing to take into consideration. If you have quite a big family with several members, or if you have to take quite a lot of stuffs every time you go on a ride, then choosing a compact size car does not seem to be the right thing to do at all.

On the other hand, if you are a single person or if all you have to bring along with you is your girlfriend, for example, then choosing a 2-seater convertible won’t be a problem at all.


Drivetrain is the next thing you should focus on while choosing a car. For an instance, take into consideration whether or not you are really in need of a 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) car. Basically, a 4WD car is built so that people riding inside it will have more safety features, especially during the winter. However, apart from that, all that is noticeable about a 4WD car when compared to cars featuring other drivetrain technology is that it offers the driver increased traction during acceleration.

The Maximum Power Necessary

That’s right. Besides the drivetrain, you will also need to think of the maximum power you want to get from your car. It is true that cars with a greater amount of power often seem more attractive than those with lower power. With a more powerful car, you will have the ability to go from 0 to60 mphwithin a shorter time period.

Yet, do you realize that there is hardly anyone that has the chance to fully step on the gas pedal of their car and run from 0 to60 mph? Wake up, the world is built around a lot of people and thus the streets are crowded. Where can you possibly use that huge maximum power? Well, unless you are some sorts of NASCAR or Formula 1 racers, of course.


Fuel may well be the last thing we talk about here but it is absolutely not the least to get your attention. Nowadays, cars have been built using very advanced technologies. In fact, some of these technologies are said to be what the future will utilize. The hybrid technology is one excellent example. So, think carefully whether you should go for a diesel car, petrol or even the hybrid one.


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