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What Causes Traffic

Updated on November 5, 2012

How much of your budget is spent on transportation?

Your budget and the Traffic

Transportation has its own percentage in our budget. Day to day we pay for going to and coming back to work, school, or home. Traffic not only increases the expense by requiring more fuel, but also is a waste of time and money. If you drive back and forth to school or work, and take a few personal trips driving around, cutting down transpiration expense is a good investment.

What causes traffic?

Roads are made different. Some streets and Avenues are made more for commercial purposes (several franchises and stores on corners) and other are more residential intended. Other roads are meant for several cars and buses transit and have higher posted speed limits. however, all highways and streets suffer traffic for some reasons:

1) Highways and streets have LIMITED CAPACITY, when overloaded not all cars can drive at the posted speed limit and hence slow down. Seek those with higher speed limit at less rush hours.

2) Accidents will happen. Those two or more cars stuck are blocking one or more lanes, causing other cars to slow down and take turns to change lane. Drive safe to avoid accidents.

3) In rush hours, more and more cars are using the same route, overloading the road capacity.

4) When a car in fornt slows down or stops, cars behind will stop or slow down too. Creating a domino effect causing all raer cars to gradually slow down and those car farther at the end of the traffic domino are caused to complete stop. AVOID STOPING OR SLOWING DOWN IF NOT NECESSARY.

In common sense, to save money and time, try to AVOID THE TRAFFIC as much as you can.

No need to drive less to save gasoline, just learn the driving to save tips.

Take care of your car, if it breaks down, you will be the one causing traffic.

Avoid car accidents, do your part.


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