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What Kind of Car Can I Get For $300 a Month?

Updated on November 2, 2014

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300 a Month Cars?

The advertising ploys of car dealerships have changed people's interests from the total price of the car to monthly payments. More people now are concerned about what their monthly payment is than they are about the total price of the car, which should be the priority. Especially when they have customers that are buying a car with bad credit. If you have bad credit, see what you qualify for online at You'll find listings of buy here pay here car lots, as well as companies that help people with bad credit car sales.

Car dealerships would prefer that you have this perspective and that your focus be on payments, rather than price, of course.This is because they make more money when you're only focused on payments.

So, "What Kind of Car Can I Get for $300 a Month?" is a tough question, but there are good tips I can give you to help you to make a smart decision.

First, take your mind off of payments.

The first thing you need to negotiate and think about when your car shopping is the price of the car. It may be that you would be able to get payments that are lower than $300 a month if you focused on the price rather than the monthly payments.

If you walk into a dealership and tell them that I will my payments of $300 a month, you may be thinking that they will have to lower the price to get your payments that low but in actuality, it may be that they have to raise the price to make your payments $300.

After all, the car dealerships are in the business of selling cars at as high the prices they can because they are in a very competitive business and every customer counts when it comes to the bottom line.

So put your focus on the price of the car first, then the payments will fall in line and maybe better than you expected. This is a great way to save money and have an advantage when negotiating with a car dealer, although most people don't take this route.

To get lower payments, not only do you need to have a good price on the car, you also need to have good interest rates which can affect your payment tremendously.

You can save money by checking online and getting approved for a reputable lending service.

Generally speaking, you can get a $10,000 car for $300 a month, depending on what your interest rate is and how long the cars financed for. It's not the payment amount that should be the focus when you're negotiating with a car dealer though... it should be on the total price and the interest rate for your financing. Then, you're payments will fall in line and if not, look for another model!

Something a lot of people look into when buying a car on a budget is buy here pay here car lots. These types of dealers usually have lower priced vehicles with high mileage. In some cases, you can find clean reliable used cars if you find a good dealer. One place online to find buy here pay here car lots is They have listings of buy here pay here dealers in all 50 states, although most are listed in the southeast.

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