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What Qualifies My Car For Commercial Insurance?

Updated on May 31, 2010

Do I Need Commercial Insurance For My Vehicle?

Personal auto insurance is often the most popular choice when it comes to insuring their vehicles, of course businesses on the other hand would buy commercial insurance.

If you are trying to decide whether or not your vehicle should have commercial insurance the answer depends mostly on what exactly you use the vehicle for. People who use their vehicles for business like activities or trips should contact their insurance company and ask about whether or not they need additional insurance on that vehicle. On another note any business who has vehicles which are driven by employees for a part of their jobs, should always go and look into commercial insurance also.

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When is personal vehicle insurance used?

It is most likely that any vehicle, even a personal vehicle that is sometimes used for business purposes should have commercial insurance. Some personal insurance companies will cover damage that has happened while on a business trip of some kind, not all of them will.

You should definitely check with your personal insurance company to check if they do. You will want to check and make sure that you are talking to an agent who understand your needs and concerns fully, chances are if you are talking to someone who doesn't quite understand the things you are asking or what you are talking about that a mistake will end up being made. You will want to make sure that they know about both commercial insurance and personal insurance.

Don't be afraid to ask your agent questions if you are not sure about something. If you are not sure if you policy covers your automobile then make sure you make use of the knowledge your anent has. Have your agent go over your insurance policy with you. Make sure you don't leave your coverage to chance!

If you use your car or your truck for business activities then you should look into getting commercial insurance for your vehicle.

Do you use your vehicle to deliver newspapers? Or maybe you deliver food with it, like pizza or some other kind of take out. Maybe you are a photographer for special events and do you use your car to transport your equipment? Any kind of catering service, child care van service, door-to-door consulting service, realtor agent, or even landscape and gardening service will definitely want to consider commercial auto insurance plan policies.

Businesses must have commercial insurance

Vehicles that your business rents, own, or leases has to be covered by commercial vehicle insurance. If an employee or yourself is at fault for an accident, it is required by the law of most states to cover any financial costs.

To put it in the simplest words possible if you or an employee use a company vehicle for business uses of any kind, you really do need to have commercial auto insurance. Commercial has the benefit as letting you be able to list anyone who is an employee as a driver, this is a great advantage to having a commercial policy, you don't always have the ability to do this with a person auto policy. This will allow any listed employee to drive a company vehicle when needed without having to worry what would happen, ans issues that could come up if the person got into an accident.

Truckers should always have commercial truck insurance

If you are a trucker you really need to look into commercial truck insurance. Trucks will be held more for the damage then the other driver because trucks are bigger and it takes someone special to drive them, more qualified drivers, therefore the trucker will be held more liable for damages. Truckers need to make sure they are covered under a commercial insurance policy.

Think about getting commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance is also a good idea if you need more coverage for liability then the personal insurance policy would normally provide.

To put it simply, you need to have commercial insurance if your vehicle:

  • is owned by a corporate partnership 
  • hauls equipment or tool that weigh more then 500 pounds
  •  is used to make deliveries 
  • or is so heavy that you need state or federal filings. 
If any of this sounds like your business, or personal vehicle used for any sort of business related activity then you will want to take a look at commercial insurance today to protect not only your wallet, which we all know is important, but more importantly protect yourself.


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