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Should I Choose A Ski Doo or Polaris Snowmobile?

Updated on January 23, 2012
Ski Doo Snowmobile
Ski Doo Snowmobile | Source

Polaris? Ski Doo? Which is the better machine? This hub compares both machines in the same areas. I'm comparing the 2012 models of the Ski Doo Renegade X Crossover 600 H.O. to the Polaris 600 Switchback (which is also a crossover). The * marks the clear winner of the category by facts alone, not opinion. The bold faced type in that category indicates why it won.

Ski Doo Renegade X Crossover 600 H.O.

  • Platform: Rev-XP Foot Platofrm
  • Engine: Rotax E-Tec 600 H.O. Liquid Cooled 3D R.A.V.E.
  • Front Suspension: Dual A-Arms
  • Front Shocks: HPG Plus R
  • Center Shock: HPG Plus*
  • Rear Suspension: SC-5
  • Rear Arm Shock: KYB Pro 36 with High/Low speed compressor adjustors*
  • Bore: 2.8"/ 72 mm
  • Stroke: 2.9"/73 mm*
  • Max Engine Speed: 8100 RPM*
  • Carburation: Electronic Direct Injection
  • Ski Width: 5.7"/145 mm

Other Specs

  • New Rev XP X Seat with 1.3 gallons of storage*
  • Hand wind deflectors*
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • RER Electronic Reverse
  • 12" windshield with integrated wind deflectors*
  • New Track Choice: 16" x 137" Ripsaw or Ice Ripper XT Track*
  • 2 Cylinders

Polaris Snowmobile
Polaris Snowmobile | Source

Polaris 600 Switchback

  • ´╗┐Platform: N/A
  • Engine: Libery Engine, Liquid Cooled
  • Front Suspension: Pro-Ride
  • Front Shocks: Fox, IFP
  • Center Shock: N/A
  • Rear Suspension: Pro-Ride
  • Rear Arm Shock: N/A
  • Bore: 77.25mm*
  • Stroke: 64mm
  • Max Engine Speed: N/A
  • Carburation: Cleanfire Injection
  • Ski Width: N/A

Other Specs

  • ´╗┐2 Cylinders
  • 15" x 136" Ripsaw Track
  • Electric Reverse
  • Pro-Ride Adventure Seat
  • Low, Mid, or Tall Windshield
  • Digital Tach, Temp., Fuel, and Speedometer*

The choice is up to you! The facts are laid out in front of you, it just depends which categories are more important to the buyer. In my opinion, Ski Doo produces a better sled all around. I've ridden a Polaris and Ski-Doo and I'll never buy anything other than a Ski-Doo!

Which snowmobile do you prefer?

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