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What To Look For When Buying the Best Exercise Bike

Updated on December 1, 2015

Upright Exercise Bikes vs. Recumbent Bikes

The two main categories of the best exercise bike are upright and recumbent. An upright exercise bike’s vertical orientation makes it appear like a regular bicycle. With upright bikes, you have more options for movement. For instance, you can stand on the pedals or ride leaning down like a professional bike racer. Riding in these ways can be hard on your back, but they can also give you a more intense workout. A rider of a recumbent bike is seated in a reclined position against a backrest, with legs out front.

Opinions of experts vary on the comparative health benefits of upright versus recumbent exercise bicycles. Many like the comfort and ease of use of recumbent bikes, especially if users are new to exercise or struggle with back pain. However, some fitness experts contend that these bikes promote a less intense workout which may produce slower results. Serious fitness enthusiasts often choose upright bikes because of this. Riding an upright bike is more like riding a traditional bicycle. The seats of upright bikes are often described by detractors as hard and uncomfortable, but there are solutions. There are bike seat covers that are filled with gel or padding, or padded bike shorts also provide comfort.

Most reviewers will admit that the issue of recumbent versus upright bikes is really a matter of personal choice rather than health benefits. You should be able to find both types in every price range, because any one series of a manufacturer’s line will often feature both styles. Try out a recumbent bike and an upright bike in a fitness store or gym to figure out which is most comfortable for you. You can also discuss your fitness goals with your doctor or with a fitness expert, and they can help you decide which type is better for you.

There are factors to consider when considering a purchase of the best exercise bike, as well as features to look for whatever brand, price range, or style you are considering:

Below the video lets you know how to buy an exercise bike

Decide on Your Home Exercise Goals and Be Realistic About How Often You’ll Really Use the Bike

The New York Times has reported that starting a new home exercise program often brings feelings of optimism and motivation that can lead to a person buying more equipment than they need. A leading consumer group found in a survey that fully 40 percent of purchasers of home exercise equipment end up using them less than they thought they would.

Decide About Standard Features of the Best Exercise Bike

A quiet bike can be crucial if you live in an apartment. Even basic bikes should feature adjustable seats for riders of varying heights and different levels of resistance. Other features you may want to look into are heart-rate monitors, LCD displays, programming options, bottle holders or book rests.

Check Out the Heart-Rate Monitor

A heart-rate monitor is usually featured on the best exercise bike. However, though more expensive bikes feature a fairly accurate chest strap, cheaper bikes will achieve heart-rate monitoring through handgrips on the bike. Some bikes include a feature that adjusts the resistance automatically based on your target heart rate.

Try Out the Seat And Pedal Adjustments

The bike’s seat should easily and quickly adjust to be comfortable to riders of various heights. Pedals need to be wide and include a toe cage or strap to keep your feet from slipping off. The seat should be comfortable and the back rest of a recumbent bike should fully support the back.

Check Out These Top Rated Exercise Bikes from Amazon Best Sellers

Test the Seat When Shopping For an Upright Bike

The uncomfortably hard seats of exercise bikes receive a lot of complaints. Obviously this can put a great deal of pressure on sensitive areas. You can buy a seat cover that is filled with gel or padding, or padded bike shorts can bring some relief as well.

Test the Bike’s Stability

Best exercise bike needs to feel stable as you ride, and not wobble or vibrate under you. Generally speaking heavier bikes are more stable but you want to be able to move it as well. Built-in transport wheels featured on most bikes allow you to move them more easily.

You May Find This Video for Home Exercise Bike

Listen For Excessive Noise

Some exercise bike models can be surprisingly noisy – this is especially true for ones that use air resistance. Not everyone cares about noise levels of bikes, but a loud bike can make watching TV or listening to music while exercising difficult.

Look for A Shrouded Wheel and Chain If You Have Small Children at Home Whose Fingers Can Get Pinched

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that almost 8,700 children ages four and under are injured every year by exercise equipment. This figure grows to 16,500 for ages 5 to 14. Mechanical parts that are enclosed protect curious children and pets, as well as cutting down on noise and dust.

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About Warranty

The warranty should cover at least one year and should include labor. Longer warranties on parts and frame are offered by most manufacturers, but the labor portion is crucial because repairs will often require a technician to come to your home. Fortunately, reviews show that, in general, the best exercise bike is less repair-prone than other kinds of home fitness equipment.

If you already have a traditional bike, you could purchase a stand that allows your bicycle to do double duty as an indoor trainer. These are often used by competitive cyclists who need to be able to train during winter. The Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer (*Est. $80) earned positive reviews from users and works well for those on a budget. It is noisy, but it’s also a good way to continue training indoors. The CycleOps Fluid 2 (*Est. $320) gets great reviews from more serious cyclists, because of its sturdy construction and whisper-quiet operation.

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    • mjkamrul profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Hey, some great points you mentioned here and I really appreciate those but I think gives the best price for average users. Thanks

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You can convert your bike to an excseire bike by follow steps:1. Decide which indoor training setup is best for you, depending on your bicycling ability. Choose from several types of bike trainers (magnetic, wind, turbo) or rollers. The wind trainer is noisier, because a fan is powered by your pedaling, adding resistance. The magnetic is the most expensive, and the quietest machine for your bike. Turbo trainers come with a framework into which you mount your bike to keep it stationary, with adjustable resistance.2.Buy your trainer or set of rollers from a bike shop or online. The equipment can be heavy if you are shopping online, so be prepared for costly shipping fees. If you decide to try rollers, you might want to try them in the store, as they require great balance to use. 3. Unload the frame of your trainer. The trainer should include a frame, a clamp to hold the front of your bicycle, a roller that presses up against the rear wheel, and a mechanism that causes resistance when the pedals are turned. Set up the frame of the trainer. Once the frame is secure, mount the back wheel of your bike into the trainer and remove the front wheel. You may find you want to purchase a stand separately to mount the front fork of your bike more securely.4. Note that rollers come as a unit for the floor, and do not attach to the bicycle frame. The slightly more dangerous rollers require you to balance while riding, as opposed to being a secure stationary bike. Bicycle rollers have two rollers for the rear wheel and one for the front. The bike is set on top of the rollers. They should come already assembled, with a belt connecting one of the rear rollers to the front roller, making the front wheel of the bike spin when pedaled. You will need to adjust the spacing of the rollers to fit your bike's wheels. When first riding on rollers, it's a good idea to put the rollers in a doorway, in case you fall while getting your balance. Using a high gear and looking ahead instead of down will help maintain your balance. The concave shape of the rollers will help the bike stay in the center.But I think if you really want an excseire bike, you should buy one. Try, you can find a quality one.


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