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What Type of Truck Topper is Best for Your Vehicle?

Updated on August 8, 2015

You love your truck. It provides a means to move large items easily, is perfect for tailgating parties, can easily hold all the items needed for a day at the lake and makes dozens of other tasks much easier. In fact, you can’t imagine life without a truck! And, thanks to all the many activities your tuck is used for, it can get damaged if it isn’t protected.

So, to protect it, you wash it often, keep it out of the elements as much as possible and perhaps even have a bed liner installed. But there are many other options to make your truck even more useful, and still prevent damages. Consider these:

Roll up covers – These are designed to withstand the harshest of elements, as well as keep prying eyes from knowing what you are hauling. In addition, they can reduce drag and increase your truck’s fuel economy. They are available in several styles ranging from a lighter weight cover to heavy weights, they are the perfect addition to your truck bed.

Retractable truck bed covers – These covers are designed to easily roll back to make accessing items easer, and can adapt to roll bars and accommodate factory and after-factory accessories. They are weather-resistant and durable, and designed to be flush with the bed liner. Some of these styles are also designed to lock in place easily, giving you extra security.

Solid Lids – There are several companies who make this style of truck topper and each of them have their own special perks. Some of the features available include a keyless entry, a LED lighted interior, molded fiberglass to ensure a perfect fit, a wrap-over rail design, water-resistance, hinges for side to side adjustment and many other great features designed to make them perfect for everyday life as well as weekend adventures.

Tri-fold Truck Toppers – As the name implies, these have multi-folding panels that protect whatever you are hauling, yet make it extremely easy for you to access those items. They are hard covers that install easily, making it a simple way to update your truck’s usability. The low profile covers are just thing for anyone looking for a simple hard truck topper that can be added easily to your truck.

Truck toppers are a perfect way to get more out of your truck. Whether you want a roll up truck cover or a folding cover, you can get exactly what will work for your needs. If you have questions about what type of cover will be best for your needs, contact the pros at Toppers and More. They can listen to how you use your truck and help you determine what kind of topper will be best for you.

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