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What You Need to Know About a Car Pollen Filter

Updated on March 23, 2017

Caution! Do you drive a vehicle, but wonder why the air entering your car is not clean? A primary cause of this can be due to you needing a new car pollen filter or cabin air filter. Most people driving today do not consider this as an important part that needs maintenance regularly. If you think that way, after reading this article, you will change your mind. If you require knowing what a car pollen filter is, and why it is more important than you think it is, then the below information will help you substantially.

You Need to Know What a Car Pollen Filter Is

A car pollen filter is also known as the cabin air filter. Think of this filter as your dirty air shield whenever you are driving your car. This filter keeps dust, pollen, and other things from entering your car. It removes all pollen and such like pollutants from the air before the air enters your vehicle. That helps a lot if you like being able to not breathe in harmful chemicals. The car pollen filter (aka cabin air filter) is what keeps your air clean when you are using your air conditioner or heat.

Why You Need to Change Your Car Pollen Filter

Changing your vehicle's filter is a good healthy choice for you and your vehicle. Not only does it helps with allergy problems, but it can also protect your vehicle and keep you from getting stuck with a pricey complication. Your vehicle having dirty air will not just harm you, but it will hurt your car too. Having dirty air filter can burn your motor up. That problem will be lead by the dirty air causing your A/C to work itself harder than it would normally. So, if you want to keep your car on the road, you probably want to consider changing your cabin air filter.

When You Need to Change Your Car Pollen Filter

Are you wondering when you need to change your cabin air filter? That will depend on a few different factors; such as what type of car you have, what kind of area you usually drive in, and how much you drive. Let's say you drive daily in a zone where the air is heavily polluted and contaminated; you will have to change your filter sooner than someone who drives the same car as you but rides in a clean air environment. Most vehicles recommend that the cabin air filter should be changed every 12,000 to 30,000 miles. This type of information should be in the owner's manual to let you know how often your specified vehicle's filter needs maintenance. Also, if you have bad air flow or a strange smell emanating out of your vents, these are two symptoms of having a dirty filter.

If not attended to, having a dirty cabin filter can start off as a small problem; but this kind of problem will eventually harm you and your car. No one wants to ride around with all sorts of contaminants, pollutants, and harmful particles entering your car's air and the engine. Many drivers receive engine damage from not paying attention or not caring about this problem. So don't let a mole-sized issue turn into a mountain-sized complication. Keep your car maintenance done regularly and always do your best to keep a clean cabin air filter.

Want to Know How to Change a Car Pollen Filter?


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