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What are the Coolest, Weirdest, Cars in the World?

Updated on February 26, 2015

Bizarre Cars: Cool and Unique Cars and Automobiles

Since the early days of the automobile, people have had the desire to put their own custom inspiration into their means of transport.

Nowadays, with gas prices skyrocketing and few alternatives around, there are more and more crazy car creations out there. Some make a lot of sense, others are pretty out there.

Here are a couple of amazing, unique cars and automobiles that caught my eye. Each one is completely unique in its own right.

Wood Powered Car: Unique, Wood Powered Car

A wood powered car? You had better believe it! This Yugo actually runs on nothing but wood. Well, it runs on steam, but the heat for generating that steam is provided by wood chips.

This may sound like a totally bizarre idea, but during the Second World War, Germany actually used wood powered vehicles fairly frequently. It was an innovation dreamed up to counteract the lack of petroleum needed for the war effort. Wood is a plentiful resource that works well with steam powered mechanisms.

It never caught on after the war, but clearly the owner of this wood powered Yugo felt that there was real potential in the technology. Yes, 25 pounds of wood chips will take you 20 miles in this beauty, and you'll smell like a lovely rustic campfire at the end of your trip. A win win!

Submarine Car: Cool, Unique Submersible Car

This picture looks like something out of a James Bond movie, I know. But it is absolutely real. Have you ever been waiting in traffic near a body of water, and wished you could just dive in? Now you can!

This unique submersible vehicle is actually a converted Lotus Exige, based on the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

The SQuba, by Rinspeed, is fully capable of moving across land or through water. Of course you'll need to tap into the onboard compressed air supply via a stylish face mask in order to breathe, but you can be certain that your underwater sojourns won't be hurting any little fishies: the SQuba is a zero emissions vehicle, running entirely on lithium batteries.

Pyramid Car: Unique, Bizarre Electric Automobiles

This bizarre, pyramid-shaped unique car is called the Dream Car 123. It weighs around 8000 pounds, can turn in place, and lights up like a neon Christmas tree at night.

The Dream Car is totally electric, and can drive for 240 miles on a 3.5 hour charge. Not only that, but the creator, Greg Zanis, has converted his garage into a solar power collector, so the vehicle runs on solar power exclusively.

Zanis now has ambitions to create a solar powered supercar. We'll see just how far his 'dreams' take him!

So Many More...

Writing about every crazy custom car out there is like writing about everyone who ever bought a Starbucks coffee. I'll have to write another one of these!

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      Liao 2 years ago

      welllll i guess there are some shitty cars in here but hell its not my drmeas .more zonda's and skylines less maro's says my dream.