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What color are the most stolen cars?

Updated on March 29, 2016

When you buy a new or new used car, maybe you should pay attention to the color, because the the right choice you may reduce the risk of theft by 50%.
The more popular your car color is, the greater the chances of being stolen, and the evidence stands in the results of several studies.

In 2009, only 86% of cars were sold in black, blue, white, silver or metallic gray. The remaining 14% were cars in green, yellow, orange and pink.

According to the results, usually stolen cars are black, blue and metallic gray, while vehicles with pink color is almost never attractive to thieves.

But why thieves fleeing from cars in vivid colors? Maybe you think it is because there are fewer such vehicles, or because unusual colors attract attention? Somewhat so, but the key fact is that the thieves think that a more "normal" color is easier to sell. In other words, the color is unusual - it is more difficult to resell the car.
So experts advise that the best way to keep thieves away from your car, is to choose some color craze car - like pink. Certainly if you are a woman and if you like pink car.


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