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What has a 50cc Scooter got to offer?

Updated on September 19, 2010

Those who own scooters are just crazy about their motor cycles! They’ll brag about their scooters, they’ll share memorable moments on their scooters, they’ll even tell how they came to own their scooters! Wonderful little beasts these motor cycles are. If you’ve never been on one before, then maybe a little excitement rides in and your heart just begins to flutter and send sweet tingles along your arms and a smile upon your face as your imagination runs wild when you watch a scooter glide by so neat and smooth, and yes, many times compelling! Whatever the fantasies that warm your blood and place that smile upon your face, they are the realities a scooter rider enjoys while you sit and dream!

The thing about the little beasts is they get you in and out of traffic without any fuss – a breeze and you’re gone! Quite nice indeed, not the rip and power of other motor cycles, but the glide and smoothness of getting from here to there, or, a little fun ride in the friendly sun and gentle breeze. And just as if this was what scooter creators had in mind- or, because this was what scooter creators had in mind – scooter motor cycles are light-weight and very easy to manoeuvre and to ride.

OK, so these motor cycles are wonderful for getting away from traffic or for fun in the sun, but taking a closer look at scooters, what is the actual motor cycle like? A 50cc scooter motor cycle is designed with a single cylinder, 4 stroke power, an air-cooled engine, double spring front suspension, front double drum and rear hydraulic disc brakes, all of this complete with electric start and, chain transmission.

What the single cylinder means for the motor cycle is 2 things – it means the whole process of cooling takes place in a simpler way; but it also means the motor cycle is spared the weight of a second cylinder and is therefore lighter. And since weight is one of the highlights of scooters, the air-cooled engine contributes to this factor too, for, the use of air to cool the engine cuts back on complexity as well as on weight. The design, of course, prepares for hard rides, like say, uphill journeys. What something like chain transmission does for the motor cycle is allows it excellent efficiency rating.

The thing about the 50cc scooter is it can be absolutely ideal for someone who’s owning a scooter for the first time. There are scooter models that are awesome in pit racing, but the 50cc is right for newcomers at the low speed it has. Prices for these motor cycles vary. You could get your hands on one of them for under $1000, or anywhere from there to $2000, and still others, like the nice Vespa LX models, go for over $3000. Excited young teens always want to know whether they need a license to use a scooter motor cycle. The best answer is yes. In the UK, youngsters under 16 need a driver’s license to operate a scooter, and youngsters across the US can always find out what their state laws have to say.

As with other motor vehicles, 50cc scooter motor cycles are fashioned in different designs, colours and models to bring variety to the market but also appeal to a wider reach of persons. This means there can be a scooter for everyone, all you’ve got to do is walk in and pick your style. You like colour, you like flash? Or do you prefer something that blends in with the night? You like nice and simple, or do you prefer a little sophistication? Whatever your style, you’ll find a 50cc scooter motor cycle.

Where sophistication is concerned, it’s got to be the Vespa LX 50. The model from this maker comes with features you won’t find with other makers of 50cc scooters. You’d be amazed with the sharpness of steering precision in the motor cycle! And rigidity? Just excellent! This maker sure goes the extra mile to build its motor cycles with persons in mind and the model’s seating is just right for someone of any height! Vespa LX 50s boast a fine price to go along with their quality, and you sure ought to find the price is right.

Vespa may be among the top 5 makers of fast 50cc scooter motor cycles and their scooters are designed with a classic look that sets them apart from scooters of other makers.

The Lambretta LUI 50cc is one of the models you will definitely hear about. Its owners are quite charmed with their scooters and satisfied with their choice of make.

Other makers of 50cc scooters who could fit into the top 5 category with Vespa are Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kymco. Honda manufactures a good deal of brands and its Elite seems like a good pick for persons wishing to purchase used 50cc scooters – the only thing is that the  model is older, but so long as the buyer doesn’t have a problem with this, the Elite is suggested. Though Kymco is a larger manufacturer of scooter motor cycles than any other maker, it is Yamaha scooters that tend to be in highest demand. This is probably because Yamaha scooters are cheaper than others. Affordable and easy to find. And if you’d like something that is even easier to manoeuvre, Yamaha mopeds are the answer. These mopeds are smaller in make and this size factor makes it easier to handle the motor cycle.

Many of the devices we own or purchase will present a few problems sometimes. Computers, cell phones, appliances, you name it, scooters are no different! Sometimes there really isn’t much to what we might think a problem, and at other times, well, there is a true problem. It is not always predictable the kind of problem you’ll find with your scooter and it is good to find out every thing about the motor cycle when you purchase it, whether brand new from a dealer or used from a friend. Fixya is an online solution source for a bunch of different products. The site features problems different individuals have with their products and feedback from experts or persons who had similar issues. If there are no examples of your own problems then you have the option of posting your situation and getting useful feedback.

Scooters, wonderful scooters! gets you these little motor cycles directly from China if that is something you’d have in mind. Whatever your choice, pick your style, hop onto your scooter, and enjoy the breeze!


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