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What is a 1991-94 Mercury Capri Worth Today?

Updated on January 22, 2011

Back in the day when these cars were in Mercury showrooms (circa 91-94), they sold for $15-16,000. They are not yet old enough to be considered a "collector" car, being only 20 yrs old or less. Their appeal is limiting to their small fan base and only 66,000 were made, and of those, maybe 30,000 still are running in the world (primarily in the US and Australia, where is was made). Of those, even fewer XR2 turbo models were made with 132 hp. So, even fewer of those exist. The 1994 model is more rare, with only 6000 imported in the US.

There are two main resell value sites: kelly blue book and NADA to consult. Others do exist, but their method to value the car if selling or buying is different. The end result has the person wonder who, if anyone, is correct.

NADA, for a 1994 Capri XR2 in good overall shape, claims the resell value is $2700 tops. The same car but not an XR2, is $300 less. Both cases assume the car has 130,000 miles. Change the miles to 180,000, it drops to $2500. Kelley Blue Book only indicates the same car is worth $2400 in excellent condition, which few are, and $2100 in good condition. 

KB has a 1991 XR2, same mileage, in excellent condition, selling for $1800, a non-XR2 for not more than $1450. NADA seems to think this year is now considered a "classic", the same car, same mileage, in good condition, should sell for $3500! Its low end is $2000 in fair condition. The non-turbo model should sell for $3200, the low end is at $1800.

KB has the non-turbo model, 180,000 miles, good condition selling for $1000.

Go figure?

In my opinion, the missing logic is the number of cars. A 94 is a much rarer bird in any form than the previous years because from 91-93, they produced about 20,000 cars, in 94, 6000. The XR2 turbo model is even less in 94, those are rare. The 94 has several important cosmetic but important changes that distinguishes it from earlier models. Is a 91 XR2 worth more than 94 XR2? I find it impossible to believe that, yet NADA, seems to think it is because it is older by three years?

Most Capri's of any model usually sell for between $1200-2200 in good condition. Some try to sell for $3000 or more, they never do, even at $2500, it is a hard sell, if it does, it must be like new almost.

Lack of demand also comes into play.


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    • profile image

      Dcskin 5 years ago

      Unnnn...i didnt mean to make creazy fast..i found $600 headrs on andy's auto sport...i just want to make a lil be more fast

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      By fast, what do you mean? I have a 91 XR2, though it is the fastest of the Capri, it is still slow from a standstill I think. For a Capri, best is manual tranny and turbo.

    • profile image

      Dcskin 5 years ago from Hyattsville md

      What up .. I have a 92 capri i been put it a lot money on it.. But i want to by sport headrs cost like 600.. My question is those headrs going to make my capri fast??