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What winter does to your system

Updated on August 9, 2017
A picture after a bad snow storm
A picture after a bad snow storm

What winter does to your system

Winter brings about the limitless amount of white powdery stuff that nobody really likes. It makes life so much harder with the white stuff. Winter feels like it is going to last forever in a limitless sense when it comes about each year doesn't it? When the first snowflake hits the ground what happens? The snow keeps coming, and everyone panic’s, right? Winter is not something people like. The animals and plants go into hibernation, so why can’t we? Our systems are not cut out for winter, why am I saying this you ask? Well, how many cases of flu are there throughout the winter months?

A limitless amount of flu outbreaks happen throughout the winter months why is that? One of the reasons is because we are not used to, the colder temperatures. Our bodies take a while to adjust to these types of temperatures? When you are younger, you might be able to bounce back a bit easier than if you are an elderly person. But what does winter do to your system? That is the question. Everyone has heard of the winter blues, why we have the winter blues. Lack of the sun of course, when winter comes around our systems change, and the lack of sun and vitamin D do numbers to your system your more sluggish and tired and don’t feel like doing anything. It reeks havoc on our systems, in a limitless capacity because winter lasts so long. People's flu's last a long time and they feel limitless because winter feels limitless.

Winter drags you down since it feels like it lasts for a limitless number of months even though it doesn't. It tries to put our systems into hibernation just like animals, we are people so we can’t go into hibernation. Although winter wants us too, and that is why our systems are much slower in the winter. That is also why we get sicker in the winter than any other time of year. The cold weather is a shock to our systems. If you don’t have the proper clothing on when you are out in the cold weather, you will get a cold for sure.

The cold weather will chill you to the bone and if you are cold for a long period of time, it is harder to warm up. The longer it takes to warm up the worse you are going to feel, I have felt it, and I don't like it. Has anyone felt sleepier during the winter months than any other months of the year? If you have why do you think that is? Well after being outside in the cold weather you want to get warmed up when you come inside right? What do you do to get warmed up? Drink something hot and get all covered up in warm blankets.

Sometimes, winter shuts your system down a little bit. Why would winter do that you ask, well you aren’t getting the vitamin D that your body craves, you might not be exercising as much because you don’t go to the gym, and choose to exercise outside, but with the extreme cold exercising outside is out of the question right? The limitless amounts of cold weather make your system tense up in a sense because you change your routine to accommodate for the colder temperatures.

There are a lot more flu’s and colds in the winter because everyone is in close quarters. This is because with the cold weather nobody wants to get a chill. Everyone touches everything numerous amounts of times, and as I mentioned before with the cold weather your system sort of shuts down in order to keep warm in a sense. Winter changes your system so that it can accommodate for the colder temperatures, and when it does that it opens you up to more viruses. How do you deal with those?

With Winter comes a limitless amount of flu and cold outbreaks
With Winter comes a limitless amount of flu and cold outbreaks

Blah its Winter

With the limitless amounts of cold weather, what do you do? Do you go away to a warmer climate? Do you just dress warmly according to the weather so that you don’t get sick? What if you do get sick? What do you do? Winter, is a horrible season for our systems am I right or am I right? The temperatures can make our systems freeze and then we get more colds and flu. Don’t even get me started on people with asthma the cold weather is not good for them because the cold weather affects their breathing and makes it harder for them to breathe. The colder temperatures make it hard for anyone to breathe though because the colder it is the more energy you are using when you are outside trying to breathe through the frigid air.

Sometimes even being outside for five minutes without the proper winter attire will get you sick. So remember to wear hats, gloves, and scarves. The warmer you are outside in the cold weather the healthier you will be. Winter is trying to put your system into hibernation. If we stay warm and out of the cold then it will be better for us, right? Yes and No if we don’t build up our immune systems later on in the year we will be sick too, winter puts our systems in shambles. So remember to take your vitamins, dress warmly when you go outside, coat, hat, gloves, and boots. Remember also to eat healthy since you are missing out in your vitamin D you need to keep up all the other good vitamins and don’t let your skin dry out moisturize. The winter air is dry air and people get sick because the dry air holds onto all the germs that make people sick. So the reason why people are more likely to get sick in the winter is because the germs are attracted to dry places, and winter is a dry season so that is why we are more prone to being sick.

So take your vitamins and eat healthily, and dress appropriately for the weather. The more you do to protect yourself, from getting sick in the winter months the healthier you will be. So don’t just write winter off as oh I am going to get sick because that is what always happens, you can prevent it. So why not prevent it. Sure winter makes your system more likely to catch bad viruses because you are closer to the germs because they have nowhere to go. So try to stay as healthy as possible in the winter, or else you will feel as though your system is sluggish and all you want to do is sleep. Sleeping is great sure but not all winter we are not animals we have things to do. Winter just puts you into a funk where you have to force yourself, to do everything. I think it is because of the lack of sun because we aren't getting enough vitamin D in the winter do you agree?

Winter puts our systems into limitless hibernation mode because most of us don't like the cold we want to be warm and cozy during the cold months which means being under blankets and covered in sweaters, which in turn makes us sleep more, which makes us warmer since most of us don't like being cold. Also since winter is so dry for the most part, it makes it so much harder to breathe and that is where all the colds come in during the winter months. It reeks havoc on our systems because there are so many things missing in our diets like the light from the sun since it hardly shines during the winter. Sure we could take vitamins but we still need to the sun too in order to function properly. Germs thrive on warmth and that is why people are more sick during the winter because buildings are warmer in order to keep people coming back, and most people will go out when they are sick because they can't always stay home the shopping has to be done, and work has to be done, so people will go out with a cold during the winter. That is how others get sick, and if you don't dress properly during the winter you will get sick to cover your ears nose and hands and you won't get sick so easy. That is what I was always told.

Winter makes everyone, just want to sleep because the lack light really does hurt your body. We don't really realize that but, what happens outside really affects our bodies and our systems. SO when you think that winter doesn't affect your system at all it really does, we just don't realize it until the spring comes and the weather changes. to being sunny all the time for the most part anyway.

Winter Has arrived

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Winter can leave anytime

Winter and our systems or bodies for that matter don't mix, for the most part. This is because of it si limitlessly cold and in order for us to stay warm all we want to do is sleep and you can't do that all winter since we are not animals who hibernate. It shuts our systems down limitlessly because most of us don't like being cold. If we want to keep going throughout the winter we have to keep up our healthy eating and exercise. Since in the winter we think that it is okay to stop doing those things because who is going to see us in the winter? right, but if we keep up our good eating and exercising habits we won't feel so run down in the winter which is what most people feel because there is not very much sun, and the sun gives people more vitamins so they feel good.

What does the cold of winter do to our systems? Let's Discuss

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