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Which Should I Choose – Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Updated on November 14, 2011

If you have managed to earn enough money to purchase your own car that you have always dreamt of, it seems that there is now another thing you may have to take into consideration. This is about the transmission of the car. You need to make up your mind whether you are going to buy a car with a manual transmission or a car with an automatic transmission. This is crucial as both the transmission systems have their own pros and cons.


Let’s start with the costs as money always plays an important role, haha… Well, in 10 out of 10 times you pay a visit to a car dealer, you will find out that a car with an automatic transmission costs more to buy than one with a manual transmission. Well, you may think that being a few hundred to a thousand dollars more expensive does not matter too much. However, think about it this way. With those extra money, there are plenty more stuffs you can purchase.


In addition to the purchase cost, the maintenance cost between a manual and an automatic transmission differs, too. If you care about long term comfort and economy, you are likely to go for the manual transmission as the automatic one requires a lot more maintenance costs.

The reason for this is in fact pretty straightforward. In order to handle the problems that an automatic transmission system may have, more skills are required. Also, the time it takes to repair a problematic automatic transmission system is longer than to repair a manual one.

A manual transmission system, on the other hand, does not tend to show any problems even when you have used it for as far as hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Well, of course, this is especially true if your car has been built with such a good quality such as that of a BMW or a Mercedes.

Nevertheless, the only thing that may bother you in terms of the manual transmission is that you have to change the lubricants every now and then. Yet, an automatic transmission will require you to do this even more often. But, yes, there is an exception. There are some car manufacturers out there that make use of special transmission fluids that the driver won’t have to bother replacing the fluids at all.


Well, to most people, it will seem that driving a car with an automatic transmission is a lot easier when compared to driving a car with a manual transmission. Well, while this may be true, it is wrong in some cases. This will actually depend on the driving situation and the driver himself. A taxi driver, for example, will mostly prefer a manual transmission as this helps him get past other vehicles quite easily. Also, since taxi drivers need to take their passengers to the destination in as short time as possible, acceleration is very important and thanks to the manual transmission, they can accelerate right away when they want to.

Unlike the manual transmission, an automatic transmission system has a little delay in accelerating. But the worst thing has yet to come. It is during the red traffic light. An automatic car driver will have to keep on pressing the brake pedal otherwise the car will roll forward, slowly but surely. This may cause the car to collide with the car ahead of it. Well, this is uncomfortable.

However, with the automatic transmission, there is no such thing as having to time between releasing the clutch and stepping on the gas pedal. This is a very convenient thing that an automatic transmission system can offer.


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