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Which car should I buy? Chevy Beat Diesel vs Swift LXi vs Honda Brio Petrol

Updated on November 4, 2011
Chevrolet Beat Diesel Blue
Chevrolet Beat Diesel Blue | Source

This hub is an answer to a few questions asked by Mr. Rohan Thakur from Mumbai who is planning to buy a new car in India.

Email: I have recently joined I have read your hubs on buying diesel car or petrol car. I have decided to buy a new my first ever car in coming months which I have plans to keep with me for a minimum of 5 years. My budgets is around 5 lakhs (after maximum stretching from 4.2 lakhs).

I have short listed below-mentioned cars with on-road price:

1. Chevrolet Beat PS Diesel – Rs. 486245 in Mumbai

2. Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi petrol Rs. 479109 in Mumbai

3. Honda Brio S MT 490281 INR petrol (it is occupied with almost all my needs).

Now I am getting confused with buying either petrol or diesel, as monthly increase in petrol price makes me think again and again to go for diesel option. Petrol has reached around Rs. 75 per liter in Mumbai. My running is around 400 to 500 kilometers per month and two or three long drives in a year. I need some advice, Can I trust “Chevrolet Beat Diesel” considering long run of vehicle. I am much worried about maintenance part of diesel engine. Is it worth to consider diesel car? And can I trust on Chevrolet brand for providing after sales services and affordable spare parts? And if I go for Petrol, what should I choose Swift or Brio? Honestly, I love both cars, but Brio comes more equipped than Swift. New Swift looks fresh and wild. It is really appreciated if you give some expert advice to clear my mind. Thanks a lot,

Rohan Thakur

Answer: According to me, if you will buy Chevrolet Beat Diesel, then you will not be able to cover up the maintenance cost of the diesel car just because your traveling distance is very less, i.e., 16.66 km per day. So I think buying Chevy Beat is not a very good decision in your case. Chevrolet is still a fresh brand in the Indian automotive industry but is slowly gaining momentum with the launch of entry level cars in India like Chevy Spark and Beat.

Frankly speaking, I don’t have any experience with after sales service of Chevrolet but after talking with a few Chevrolet owners in Delhi and going through loads of after sales service reviews on the Internet on automobile websites, the conclusion is that after sales service of Chevrolet is not really good in India, especially in Mumbai.

As you are so much concerned about the rising fuel prices, then you have two options and here they are:

  1. Buy Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi petrol Rs. 479109. Yes you are right about New Swift. It looks stunning with its new exterior designs and stylish interiors. Enjoy driving 2000 to 3000 kilometers and then go for a CNG conversion but beware doing this will void any warranty you have on your new car. If you don’t care about this, then go for CNG conversion and install an approved Italian kit like Lovato, Tartarini, etc. I don’t think that Maruti has launched any Swift with company fitted CNG. After sales service of Maruti is really good in India. Everyone knows that.
  2. Second option is to buy Honda Brio. This is a really nice car that you can get in this budget and with all options loaded, it is competing Swift and maximum first time car buyers are going ahead with this option. Yesterday, I was in a party and there were 15 friends discussing about cars in this range. Everyone has liked Honda Brio plus buying a Honda is a passion among car buyers. After buying and driving for a few months, you can go ahead with CNG conversion. The waiting time of 2000 to 3000 kms is meant for you to be able to decide if you want to install CNG or not. Because it might be possible that your car is giving very good mileage and there is no need of conversion. Again, CNG conversion will void any warranty and Honda cars do not come with company fitted CNGs.

Friend, a diesel car is beneficial for people who travel 40 to 50 kms on a daily basis. Chevrolet Beat Diesel is a good car but is out of your list according to me. After all, it is your money and you can make the right decision.


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    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      I wouldn't buy a honda because there isn't a diesel option here in Australia and diesel is getting very popaula and i have owned quite a few diesel 4wd's and 2 petrol the diesel goes ferther on a tankful fuel at least you don't have ethanol that will destroy a great engine and here in australia i have to use 98 octain premium unleaded in the other cars and petrol power gardening equipment and boat and it will eat away the fuel hoses. go for the diesel chev and diesel is cheaper to service and usable low end taque and in a car a diesel is great on highways and around city driving and you will get around up to 1000 km on a tankful of diesel. One of my fathers friends brought a e model turbo diesel mercedes benz and he drove it 5000 km here in Australia through 4 states and he only filled it up 5 times and with a 60 litre fuel tank and he has done it in his last mercedes benz cars

    • profile image

      jignesh 5 years ago

      sir i want to buy new car my daily running is around 70km,my budget is around 500000,i m thinking to buy new swift lxi & convert to cng,or which other car would be better 4 me,sir pls suggest me..........

    • profile image

      Taran 5 years ago

      Is fitting honda brio with cng possible..??...seeing the boot can a cylinder be fit there..??...planning to buy it but just couldn't decide due to the cng factor...


    • Gagan Modi profile image

      Gagan Modi 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      Cool, may refer - for more details on passenger cars

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      It's my pleasure Rohan. Anything to help real Internet users who are looking for someone to answer their queries. Best of luck for the purchase of your new car.

    • profile image

      Rohan 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for you're such a descriptive mail.

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks a lot Santosh Ji.

    • profile image

      santosh 5 years ago

      v good advice