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Who Buys Junk Tires for Cash?

Updated on September 6, 2010


Who buys junk tires?  Is there really a way to get some cash money for my old, worn out, used wheels?  Well, the answer is yes, but it’s not always a simple proposition.  You will probably not make a ton of money doing it, most likely a buck or two each, but you also won’t have to pay disposal fees often charged when you try to throw them away, which is also a buck or two each.  This means you can actually make several dollars on each one.  Who buys junk tires?  Let’s look at where to sell those used wheels.

Retreading Shops

This really is a good way to get some money.  When you are looking at who buys junk tires that are well used, you may only need to look as far as your own neighborhood.  Is there a shop around that makes and sells retreads?  If so, most will pay a buck or two for standard sizes, and a lot more for bigger sizes, like those off a tractor or very large truck.  Be sure to make a call and find out what they take.  Some, for example, will not give you any money for used steel belted radials, but will pay lots of cash for unusual sizes.  When you are looking at who buys junk tires for cash, retread shops are a good choice.

Recycling Companies

If you happen to live near a place that recycles them, they may be the ones who buy junk tires.  Rubber recycling is common at plants that make rubber ground cover for children’s play areas and to use in place of wood chips and things of that nature for landscaping.  You may not get much cash, but it may be worth calling to find out who buys junk tires.

Sell Yourself

You can sell your old used wheels and make some money.  When you are studying who buys junk used tires, the answer is anyone.  If they have enough tread on them to be useable, you may be able to get a few bucks for them by selling them on eBay, Craigslist, or other sites.   Measure the tread.  Generally speaking, if you have more than 1/8 inch tread depth, you could get a few bucks for them.  If the used ones you are trying to sell have good tread, be sure they hold air and you’ll get even more cash money for them.  Keep in mind that when you sell used junk tires, those who buy them may not be looking to put them on a vehicle.  They could be used for a swing, playground equipment and other uses.  In addition, keep in mind that they could have real value if the rims are attached.


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      Look to sell junk tires cash 5 years ago

      I want to go to tire place and get there junk tires and try to make money off them. I live in millbrook alabama .there are a lot of tire stores around here,and there old tires are in the back and I would like to clean up there mess. I'm disable and I would like to go around to them and get there tires,and then take them to who ever would take them and pay me for them. I have a trailer that would hold close to 300. I know most of these tires you wouldn't be able to resale as used.but I want to know is there any were around here that would do that ,if so please contact me at and then put tires in subject. Thank you