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Why Build a Custom Chopper?

Updated on July 20, 2009
A Classic Bobber
A Classic Bobber

The Chopper Spirit

Nothing has embodied the spirit of the open road like a chopper. Since the very introduction of motorcycles, there has been someone modifying them to go faster, sit lower, or any number of customizations that will set the rider apart from the pack. There is a sense of pride-in-ownership that cannot be derived by simply buying a motorcycle “off-the-shelf.” building, rather than buying, provides the freedom to create a custom chopper that truly reflects the owner’s personality and unique sense of style; not to mention the satisfaction of completing a project.

Given the variety of ready-to-ride choices and options, the buyer can customize a motorcycle to a point. A satisfying purchase until the identical bike pulls into the spot next to you. Suddenly things change. What was thought to be a “custom motorcycle” ends up being just another.

Does the pride of building and owning something truly special appeal to you? Would it be more satisfying to ride around on something original? Could a family project be just what the doctor ordered? Why build a custom chopper? Why not?

A Pro-Street Chopper
A Pro-Street Chopper

Custom Chopper Possibilities

Building a custom chopper opens the door to (almost) limitless possibilities; whether the chopper is built from scratch or from a kit, creating a truly unique custom motorcycle is the driving force. Imagine having the ability to create something that reflects individual style. Imagine creating that often imagined stripped-down chopper, or tricked-out cruiser, or 'hair-raisingly' fast pro-street chopper. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the freedom.

All these choices do come with challenges, and building a motorcycle is going to be hard work; but what project worth doing doesn’t require some elbow grease and determination? Creating something unique should be a labor of love. Timelines are for those guys on TV. Harnessing the passion to build a one-of-a-kind chopper is going to require a game plan and acquiring some knowledge. In the end, the fulfillment will be well worth it.

 Reference: Chopper Fundamentals 101 © 2007


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    • swb78 profile image

      Scott Biddulph 7 years ago from Gainesville Georgia

      Great hub I hope you will check out my 81 Ironhead chopper on my hub, great to find you here!!