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Why Buying a Company-Fitted CNG Car Is a Right Decision?

Updated on March 1, 2012

CNG in India has come like an angel in this era of monstrous fuel scarcity. Yes, your decision is totally right. According to the latest hike in petrol prices, it is always better to opt for a company-fitted CNG car rather than buying a petrol car that will rob your pocket if your daily traveling is around 40 to 50 kilometers. I would always recommend CNG but never recommend LPG to anyone keeping in mind the recent fire mishaps in LPG-fitted cars. Even if you are buying a CNG kit, you should never buy a local one available in the market and always opt for a CNG-fitted car itself, or if you have an old car, a government-approved Italian CNG kit with advancer and lambda control will give out excellent results.

A company-fitted CNG car in India will get good resale value, especially if the car has the brand name, “Maruti”. Interestingly, people who have bought petrol cars are already suffering the 10% cut in the overall price of their old petrol car in India. You must already be seeing excessive induction of diesel and CNG-fitted cars in the year 2012. This is just the beginning and a reason why you will get good resale value of your company-fitted CNG car in the future. Petrol cars are being bought by people who travel 10 to 20 kilometers per day or who have bought a new vehicle out of jealousy to let it stand idle in the front of their house so that their neighbor is unable to use their parking space.

Cars and local autorickshaws at a local CNG station in Delhi (March Challenge - Hub #1/30)
Cars and local autorickshaws at a local CNG station in Delhi (March Challenge - Hub #1/30) | Source

Interestingly, gone were the days when people used to buy cheap CNG kits from unauthorized dealers and used them in their vehicle to save money. So in those days, the question, “what is the lifespan of engine if running on CNG” was very prominent. Now, the time has changed as more and more car buyers are purchasing CNG-fitted cars that have little or no effect on engine performance. This is the reason why a company-fitted CNG vehicle comes at an increased price range. It’s all about the old and popular belief that “those who buy cheap crap cry again and again but those who buy expensive but quality product cry only once”.

Now here are a few pointers why buying a company-fitted CNG car is a right decision:

  1. You save maximum money on fuel.
  2. Company-fitted CNG cars come with complete warranty.
  3. There are no reports till now about a company-fitted CNG car catching fire.
  4. You get first 3 free services of your CNG kit as you get for your car.
  5. Company-fitted CNG cars in India are little costly, but after buying, you have complete peace of mind.
  6. Company provides the best quality CNG kit with the car to maintain its overall brand name and reputation.

According to a recent survey on India’s unjustified petrol price hike in 2012, it was revealed that there are more and more vehicle owners who are opting for an alternative source of fuel, either CNG or LPG, instead of petrol due to its souring price. I think it will be just 2 years from now when we will be buying petrol in India for 100 rupees per liter. An average Indian can never afford this much hike in petrol and this is the most important reason why everyone is opting for cars fitted with CNG or LPG.


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