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Why Hybrid Cars Are Taking Over The World

Updated on June 4, 2015

All these features have led to the increased utility of hybrid cars and have transformed it into an energy efficient car. The automobile manufacturers seem to have directed all their attention in equipping their hybrid vehicles with latest technology by introducing convenient ways that appear quite appealing to a wide range of customers. The latest trends emerging these days not only seem to drive its increased demand in the present, but also provide an impetus for its demand in the future.

Engines Without Emissions…Where it All Starts

Primarily, one of the most commonly emerging trends among the auto manufacturers is the use of electric engines that help in fuel conservation and keeping the environment clean. In comparison with petrol engines, the electric engines are cost-effective and release less carbon dioxide, which has resulted in its increased popularity.

Another concept being employed these days is the modification of existing cars in order to make them eco friendly. The best example in this case is Dodge Ram’s EcoDiesel 1500, which runs on diesel fuel, economizes the fuel consumption and proves to be a perfect alternative in contrast to Dodge Ram’s gas-powered vehicles. Since an EcoDiesel engine produces relatively lesser toxic emissions than a diesel engine, it proves to be environment friendly as well.

In addition to producing lesser carbon dioxide, these hybrid and electric cars can also reserve the released energy when the brake is pressed. The Lithium-ion batteries inserted in these cars help store the surplus energy released during peak times, which not only raises the efficiency of these cars, but also makes them more economical to drive especially at night and in overcast conditions.

The Role of Governments in Promoting Hybrid Technology

Where on one side, these advancements in Hybrid vehicle technology have helped expand its market outreach, on the other side, it has also compelled governments to modify their regulatory structures for hybrid cars. Keeping in view the increased popularity of hybrid cars, the Southeast Asian government is considering a proposal to reduce import duties on Hybrid cars to back low fuel consumption and ensure environment friendly atmosphere in the country. This proposal encourages the importers to import more hybrid cars in the country.

Another step aimed at making motoring greener is the government’s initiative to set carbon dioxide emission limits. Under this scheme, the cars emitting less than 75g/km of CO2 qualify for 100pc Writing Down Allowance in the first year. Volvo, a leading car manufacturer responded to the rule saying that it has also developed vehicles that keep CO2 emissions to the lowest level without compromising on performance.

Charging stations charge vehicles on the go

Similarly, this year in February, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), launched sixteen charging stations for hybrid and electric cars in Dubai, in order to allow the long distance travelers to charge their vehicles on the go. Moreover, it has also been announced that a total of 100 charging stations will be launched in different areas of the city by the end of 2015.

In recognition of the growing popularity of hybrid cars, Addison Lee, a renowned taxi and private car hire company recently acquired London’s eco-friendly passenger car service,” Climate Cars” for a confidential fee. This acquisition provides a boost to its existing fleet of low emission minicabs and makes them more efficient.

Atlas cars of london - Minicab Service in London

BMW and Audi’s latest Hybrid Models

Keeping in pace with the modern day requirements, BMW’s i8, with its eco-friendly specifications and an aesthetical appeal, is a perfect example of innovation and efficiency. With its lithium-ion battery, 3 cylinder engine and innovative carbon fibre supported plastic components, the i8 seems to beat the BMW M4 with ease in a drag race. Moving along the same lines, Audi, a German automobile manufacturer, organized a test-drive event for A3 Sportback e-tron, which marks as its first manufacture of Hybrid electric vehicle.

The Audi A3 gives the drivers four different modes to choose from including, EV, Hybrid Auto, Hybrid Hold and Hybrid Charge, which can either run on battery or gasoline, or on a combination of both as per the needs.

In his statement, a company official said, “For customers who want environment-friendly cars but not ready to accept EVs because of their relatively lower driving performance and long charging times, the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron will be a great choice.”

London, UK

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The Future of Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Based on the way car makers are struggling to expand their range of Hybrid vehicles, it can well be predicted that the future of driving heavily relies on powerful and efficient engines that operate on alternative sources of energy. It would be no surprise if these silent and lesser emission vehicles help reduce climatic change and prevent wars fought over oil.

What is the average amount you spend on your car per month (excluding modification or customization)?

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      The only problem I have with the hybrid is that people are electing to purchase a brand new hybrid rather than use the cars they have.

      Even though hybrids are the way of the future, the environmental impact of keeping your old style vehicle going versus purchasing a brand new hybrid is usually less.

      Very interesting and thought provoking article.


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