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Why hire survey equipment?

Updated on January 31, 2012
High-End Total Station for Hire
High-End Total Station for Hire

There are lots of reasons why it is a good idea to hire surveying equipment instead of buying it outright. This article outlines some of those reasons:

Expense: Owning sensitive surveying instruments can be expensive if they are rarely used or require constant calibration due to transportation or misuse.

Suitability: You could spend several thousand pound buying the instrument that you think will be a complete solution only to find out later that some time saving features are not included in your specific model. If you hire surveying equipment then you will have the most useful features of modern instruments to save time and money on each job.

Costing: When you price up a job you can easily include the cost of hire whereas if you own the equipment it can be difficult to account for its costs in any specific job.

Storage: If you don’t have a lot of space to safely and securely store expensive equipment then hiring is ideal.

Breakdown: Sometimes sensitive survey instruments breakdown and require a service and/or calibration. This can be costly in terms of both your bank account and time lost on your job. If you hire survey equipment then you can be sure the instruments supplied have been checked and calibrated prior to dispatch so the chance of breakdown is minimal (and if the equipment does fail it can be swapped much quicker than waiting for a repair).

Repair: If you hire instruments then you do not require your own workshop or technicians. You don't need expensive spare parts in stock.

Working capital: Hiring survey equipment means that your capital is free to apply to other things and is ideal for both established and new start-up surveying businesses.

Keep up-to-date: Survey hire fleets are constantly renewed and updated so you can be sure that you always have the latest tools with the most up-to-date features. This is particularly important with laser level hire.

Choice: Why commit to a certain brand or model of expensive survey instrument and then limit yourself to the jobs you can undertake?


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    • profile image

      lloyd 5 years ago

      Good info. These things can cost £1000's new but we always hire for the reasons above and becuase we hire often then we get better rates!

    • profile image

      kev 5 years ago

      Good article, i've never thought about hiring as we use our equipment a lot but it does cost a fortune to renew every few years. I will consider hire in the future

    • surveying profile image

      surveying 5 years ago

      Hi! Actually, in English (in the UK) it is fine to refer to it as "hire" - most of the large tool hire companies use "hire" in their brand name. I think "rental" is more American-English?

    • Dumbledore profile image

      Dumbledore 5 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

      One small comment on English, you hire people; you rent or lease equipment. You cannot hire equipment.

    • profile image

      JonathanH 5 years ago

      Great post, I'm now reconsidering buying a total station and hiring one instead