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Why buy used cars from japan

Updated on November 29, 2009

Japanese Technology

Japan has been the major supplier of used cars worldwide for many years. There are many people buying used cars from Japan either through importers or directly from auction houses.

It has been attributed to the fact that Japan became the source of technological innovations over the years.  Why? Because Japan was considered even long before, as a country immensely rich in precious metals, and cars are considered to be one of its innovations.

Their love for technology and innovations are the main reasons used cars in japan have become a great demand.  Among the innovations and technology of used cars are air conditioning, full electrics, CD players and other gadgets that would normally be considered high end specification generally come as standard with Japanese car imports.  Not to mention its affordability because of its abundant supply.

Used cars in japan

Purchasing a used japanese car

The famous Japanese car brands are Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu and Hino. Purchasing used Japanese cars can give you the following benefits: quality and reliability, low mileage, many options and cheap.

Quality and Reliability.

Japanese cars are known to be of very good quality owing to their very strict quality standards during manufacture. The Japanese government also imposes strict regulations on regular servicing and repairs for security and safety. Thus, you are assured that their cars are of good quality and very reliable.

Car ownership in Japan is also limited to 5-6 years only. The Japanese government imposes a tier based "shaken" (technical car examination system) -- the older the car, the more tax you have to pay. Basically, the system encourages people to buy new cars than to maintain aged cars because shaken taxes varies greatly depending on its age.

Repair costs in Japan are very high. This makes buying a new car more practical than repairing a damaged car, even if it is easily repairable, has very low mileage and in good technical condition, thereby making Japan a very attractive source of used cars market.

Another thing to note are the roads in Japan. They have the worlds best roads, not bumpy and muddy. If you check the cars, especially their SUV's, you can seldom find any dirt on it. Their roads are carefully maintained and one of the cleanest roads in the world. Because of this, suspension is only at about 90% of its original (new condition) after being driven for 6-7 years.

Low Mileage.

Most cars come with less than 100,000 kilometers on the clock. Even if cars go above this mileage, you are assured that their cars are not very abused. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Japanese do not usually go on long distance travels. They have very congested urban areas, overpriced toll roads and very tight holiday schedules. If they have to go on long distance vacations, they usually go on rail and subway transportation systems. As a consequence, the overall condition for cars of similar age will be considerably better in Japan that in most countries. Tuned up performance units & SUV if tremendous capabilities are never used to their potential and routinely spend an entire life in extended neighborhood use only.
  • Japan enforces strict speed limits on their roads. For urban areas, its 30 kph, 50 kph on highways, and 80-100 kph on toll roads. This ensures that vehicles are free of abuse.

Many Options.

Japanese cars are feature-packed. Features such as power steering, electric windows and retractable mirrors, climate control, ABS and airbags are already considered standard equipment and not additional features. There are several options to choose from for Japanese cars, from 4WD, turbo, back it and you can find it in japanese cars.

One thing noticeable though, are alarm systems. They are still rare on Japanese cars because vandalism and car theft are unusual in Japan. So if you are looking for this kind of feature, you will be having a hard time.


Japanese cars are cheap, especially if you buy it in auction houses. You can bid for your desired cars but of course, it is no guarantee that you will get it because there are also other people bidding who might have bid higher than yours.

If you want to know more about Japanese cars, you may click this link:


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