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Will there be a time when flying cars will eventually dominate the cars of old?

Updated on July 2, 2016

The world is constantly changing and we've seen such fascinating and pioneering inventions created by remarkable people. We are now entering a new era - the era of technology and have witnessed our cars go through one evolution to another. But will there be a time where flying cars will take over?

Some of us are excited about this new change whereas others are not. Most of us repeatedly tell ourselves that we wished we owned a car that could just take us to our destination within minutes, or even in seconds !!!! Well, this can be quite useful for some of us who are always known for being late.

Imagine if nearly all of us owned our own flying car, we wouldn't be ending up in a traffic congestion, we wouldn't be worried about going late to any meeting or to any event, instead what I think most of us would do is to enjoy the exhilarating views this car gives but let's hope this vehicle is eco-friendly, otherwise we might as well end up wrecking the only planet with life with global warming and other factors.

Here's one illustration why we need flying cars.

Nowadays, our celebs and top millionaires, billionaires and so on are owning private jets whereas we commoners are unable to afford them which makes it quite unfair for most of us. We sometimes say to ourselves that we wished we had our private jets because as a result of that we now have that opportunity to visit places of our hearts' desire - an endless list of them. Well, this might not be the perfect substitute but flying cars at least gives us that chance of travelling from country to country without ever needing an airplane! Just imagine that!

These flying cars are very hard to neglect because their features are so advantageous to the extent they really know how to intrigue someone. Right now they're quite expensive which is the only drawback at the moment, but hopefully in the future they'll become widely available and I'm looking forward to buying my one and only flying car. What about you? Don't you want to own this newest invention? I hope you do!!! I can't just wait!


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