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Winter Defensive Driving Tips

Updated on February 11, 2018

Winter Defensive Driving Tips

 Winter driving and using caution when driving on roads where conditions are poor are a certainty in arriving safely to your destination. There are many safety driving techniques that are commonly used today but the most important rule is to adjust your driving for the road conditions. Some areas offer a course at a “skid school” where you can learn how to control your vehicle in poor weather conditions on their track where you won’t get hurt or hurt anyone else. This is a great way to practice driving in bad weather conditions.

Defensive Driving Tips

 Steering into the skid is a common technique when you find your vehicle skidding out of control. In winter conditions it has also been proven useful to immediately put the car into neutral to automatically take the power away from the wheels regaining control. In a vehicle with a manual transmission simply push in the clutch. Most of what keeps your vehicle on the road is safe driving and good winter tires. Even discount winter tires are effective in keeping your vehicle on the road.


Defensive Driving Techniques

Defensive driving techniques have been mostly created by practicing different methods of maneuverability in certain conditions. Techniques that are life saving for all drivers on the road today are included in most defensive driving courses. Rear wheel drive and front wheel drive vehicles are different in their techniques. A rear wheel drive vehicle you would apply gas coming out of the turn where with a front wheel drive vehicle you would apply the gas going into the turn. Of course you should always make sure your vehicle is in top running condition replacing auto parts as needed.


More Tips On Safe Winter Driving

There are many techniques and skills that are needed for successful winter driving. Also, there are other considerations that one must take into factor when considering a road trip during the winter months. Simple tricks and tips can easily save your life when you are for example stranded on an isolated road during a severe winter snowstorm. Preparation is the key when travelling on the winter roads. There is an article called "Winter Driving in Wyoming" which is found in the Homeland Security Library that best describes what one must do to prepare for winter driving and what to do in an emergency situation. This is probably one of the best articles I've read on this subject and found it to be very informative. It's a must read.


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