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Winter is here Hide

Updated on May 27, 2017
Winter is here
Winter is here

Winter is here Hide

Winter seems like it goes on for a limitless amount of time with all the snow that comes with it. When it shows up doesn't it? Does anyone like being cold who is sick of winter? Why do animals get to hibernate during the winter months but people have to live through it awake going about their lives? I know that many people probably ask themselves that question repeatedly during the winter. There is really no right answer for that question. It is just how the world works and we have to put up with it. How many people are okay with winter? That is a question that when you ask it, most people will crinkle their noses and say I wish winter would just leave. Some people like winter though but the longer it lasts the most annoyed people get.

How many people like going outside in the snow? Well if you a child you probably love it. Building snowmen and throwing snowballs, that sort of thing. There is even skating and hockey that can be played outdoors if you have your own rink. You could go also to the arena for that, but why not build your own rink it is more fun that way. Most people, however, don’t like the winter because who likes to be cold, I don’t so I am one that doesn’t like winter. I don’t like being cold, and I don’t really like the ice. Many people don’t like the ice or the cold because it makes them feel as though they can’t get places if they don't have the coordination.

Although the snow is pretty, it’s the ice and slush that are the problem. So many people like to hibernate like the animals in the winter because most of the people I know like the warmer temperatures rather than the below zero ones. Who doesn’t like summer, and could live without the snow? Winter is the time of year where you just want to hole up in your house and not come out until spring comes. One of the reasons why is because layer for the winter is just not cool am I right?

Who wants to wear layer after layer of clothing just to stay warm and get through the day. Who wants to go slipping and sliding on their tires while they are driving? Although should we be hiding during the winter months? I know that it is a time for the animals to hibernate but people we don’t do that. People just live through it whether we complain about it, or not we don’t like the cold weather or the snow. I think winter can hide or just leave and people always like hiding during the winter because it lasts so long. Each year winter seems to last longer and longer, and this year is no exception. The longer winter lasts the more limitless it seems, and nobody likes that do they?

This year, however, we didn’t have as much snow as we did last year, but it’s ten times colder. Which makes people not want to leave their heated homes to go out and do anything. During the winter months, people like to hibernate in their houses and not come out unless absolutely necessary because of how snowy it is and the amount of ice that comes along with it.

 This is what happens when you need to get out in the winter
This is what happens when you need to get out in the winter

No More Cold Weather

For example, I don’t like cold weather at all, but I can handle the snow in increments. The ice on the other hand I hate, that is the one thing that I don’t like about winter is the ice that comes along with the snow. That is what makes people hate the snow so much, especially me since I like to walk everywhere when it is snowy and icy that means I can’t leave my house unless I have a ride. Which is very difficult at times because I feel as though I am relying on people too much and I don’t like to do that.

Winter is the time of year where people like to curl up in front of their fireplaces if they have them and wrap themselves in blankets while just relaxing and drinking things that are hot. Winter is a pretty time of year don’t get me wrong but being cold ins[‘t for everyone and that is why people like to hide during the winter months because most people don’t like the cold and they would much rather see the sun of summer all year around. That doesn’t happen where I am though in Canada so we have to figure out a way to deal with it or just hide. That is what I like to do during the winter months hide and not go outside in the snow unless I absolutely have to. Who agrees with me? Let’s all hide during the winter months and see what happens when the season changes.

Winter is limitlessly cold and it makes you want to hide out under something warm because once you get cold it is very hard to get warm again. It is always so dark and dreary during the winter months that hiding out until spring just seems like the logical thing to do doesn't it? I wish that I could just hide out until spring during the winter and not have to go outside at all but we don't get that luxury like the animals do. We as people still have to get up and get on with our daily lives, because they don't stop in the winter if anything they might even get limitlessly busier depending on their job during the winter. Some people get limitless time off in the winter but others get busier, either way, it still makes us all want to hide.

The cold weather makes most of us want to sleep and stay warm which in turn means we want to hide. Not very many people like the cold they would rather have a limitless amount of warmth. So when winter is upon them they want to hide to stay away from it.

Winter is Here Hide

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Winter isn't fun but we got to live through it

Winter is Limitlessly cold and when it does show up it feels as though it will never end. Which is why we all want to hide under the covers until it is over, but we can't do that because we are not hibernating animals. So we have to live life to the fullest even during the winter which means, wear warm clothing go outside and take on the day.

Do you like Winter if you do what do you like about it? Let's discuss

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