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Would you like to improve your vehicle's fuel consumption? Simple, free and unique ways to do so.

Updated on October 22, 2011

Why would should you bother saving fuel?

There are a variety of reasons that would push both the rich and the poor to save petrol.

1) Empty wallet (for the poor) - Why is fuel so expensive? Why Why Why, you would ask. It is a fact that fuel is expensive. Wouldn't it be nice if my Toyota could drink water instead of oil.

2) Save the environment (for the rich/poor) - It is universally known that we are killing the earth with all our nonsense gases from my cars. More so from richie's Ferrari and Lamborghini. Its about time we all start sparing a thought for the environment for the sake of our future generations.

3) Having to visit the petrol station ever so often (for the rich) - Your Aston Martin is a great car. Comfortable, gorgeous, fast. You're flying down the highway when you notice the fuel gauge pointing to the low end. "Again! I just filled her 2 days ago", you think to yourself. After all, you could use the extra cash to get your daughter a BMW Z4.

So are you convinced that you should start lowering your fuel consumption? If yes, great. If not, would it hurt to know some simple tips on saving fuel? Knowledge is power.

See below for these really really simple on saving fuel. They don't cost anything anyway.

Do note tip 3. Its the simplest with the largest savings!

Image: m_bartosch /
Image: m_bartosch /
Image: Tina Phillips /
Image: Tina Phillips /

Tip 1 - Lose the pounds.

Don't worry, i'm not talking about British pounds. Your car has got to shed weight. It could start from you. Lose the belly, the flabby thighs. It would make you healthier anyway. Do not have unnecessary passengers. Do not place rubbish in your car. Remove your non essential items such as your golf set. You could remove your spare tyre if you're hardcore, although i do not recommend it.

Remember that every gram can make a difference.

Tip 2 - Avoiding driving like some racer

You will look like a poseur. Believe me. What's the point of ramming your accelerator, draining your fuel, only to end up at the next traffic light. Its not as if you're are going to get paid for reaching the light first. In fact, driving fast and/or recklessly might land you with a pretty nurse, but she will probably be poking needles into you.

Be safe, not sorry. And you get to save fuel too. Its a win win situation.

Image: br3akthru /
Image: br3akthru /

Tip 3 - Anticipate

Do learn to anticipate. When the traffic light has turned orange, release your accelerator and allow your car to roll to a stop. 

When on a slip road, turn to look for oncoming vehicles when still moving. Do try to avoid stopping at the slip road and then only turn to look for oncoming traffic. Half the time, there are no oncoming traffic and you have just wasted fuel, unnecessarily worn out your brakes and wasted your time.

Notice traffic in the opposite direction and how it affects the traffic light. That way, you could avoid delaying the traffic by moving off as soon as the light turns green, thereby spending less time on the road and untimately saving fuel.

Tip 4 - Turn them off

Keeping the engine running actually consumes fuel. If you are waiting for more than a couple of minutes, turn the engine off. You get to save fuel and the environment, big time.

If not necessary, turn off the air-conditioning. You would notice your fuel consumption improving. However, do note that if you choose to wind down your windows, you will be creating a drag force and would cause you fuel consumption to negative the savings from turning off the air-conditioning and even worsen it.

Image: Salvatore Vuono /
Image: Salvatore Vuono /

Tip 5 - Condition it right

Ensure that the tires are pumped to their optimal level. You will find the ideal levels on the driver's side door. Worn out tires could actually help improve your fuel consumption as there is less resistance. However, it is extremely dangerous and i strongly do not recommend this.

Perform periodic servicing of your vehicle will ensure optimal performance. Do check with the manufacturer on the ideal servicing timings. It will keep your car in its tip-top condition, helping with your fuel consumption and minimizing break-downs.


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