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Would you purchase a car or truck

Updated on May 2, 2012

When it comes to purchasing a car, how do you make you make the choice? Do you base it on the economy? Maybe you look at how much you can save on gas? Or could it be you need a vehicle that you will use for work? If you base your choice by thinking this way or another way than we all for sure would think in a different way because we are all different from each other, some of us want a truck, maybe a car or an SUV.

For instance, I am more of a car person because in a way it isn't too intimidating. I see myself driving more a small or a mid size car because of the gas and how economical it is to drive around town and on a daily basis. I know that driving a truck can also take alot of gas and that can really make your bank account cringe. When I purchased my car I had thought about how much gas it could hold and how many people it can seat because I come from a family of five and at that time that would be our main family transportation. Well, I am proud that I made that one purchase because when I saw how high the gas prices started to get, I knew I would save a bit compared to if I got a truck or other types of cars that take alot of gas.

When purchasing a vehicle, everyone has an idea of what they want. Some may be a truck person, others a car person, or if you like the need for speed, an SUV. Who wouldn't like an SUV? Who wouldn't want to drive a nice big truck? My dad is a truck person and sometimes a car person. So that brings me to ask a question, do most males like trucks? Do females prefer to drive car? Or can it be that both genders like both types? What about SUVs? Is having a SUV a guy thing or maybe girl thing or both?


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      Thank you for stopping by to read this.

    • CM Sullivan profile image

      CM Sullivan 5 years ago from California

      I have a Honda Accord sedan right now, but when I get the $ I will be getting a truck. I don't think it is a gender thing, maybe just a job thing. I would like a truck for work purposes. Maybe jobs that are easier with a truck are jobs more often worked by men. Voted up.

    • By His Way profile image

      By His Way 5 years ago from TEXAS: That's right - in all caps.

      If money were not an option, I'd have a big honkin truck for myself. But, with two young ones and having to commute an hour for work, I go with the smaller gas efficient cars. The kids are now outgrowing the mazda we have, so I'm looking for decently priced suv that's good on gas...yeah....I'm up a creek on that one! As for this being a gender thing, maybe it is. Where I'm from it's common for the females to rock the trucks as much as the guys. Actually, it's a way of living here, and that's why it's common. Voted up!