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YUGO - Car That Marked an Era of Prosperity

Updated on June 14, 2012

Marshall, Josip Broz - TITO

Persident Marshall Josip Broz - Tito, in company of "Gaddafi" and other World Leaders of that time.
Persident Marshall Josip Broz - Tito, in company of "Gaddafi" and other World Leaders of that time.
Medals that would Tito himself give to extraordinary men, or women that would archieve some extra results, give extra contribution and etc to the Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Medals that would Tito himself give to extraordinary men, or women that would archieve some extra results, give extra contribution and etc to the Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

The Era of Prosperity

Prosperity of Yugoslavia, during 60's, 70's and early 80's was marked by development of car industry, and industry in general.

Times were totally different from today. Yugoslavia, the country that was including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia with it's capital - Belgrade - the administrative center of whole Yugoslavia.

The "totally different" times, were marked by presidency of Marshall Josip Broz - Tito. Everyone were same, and socialism - mixed with communism regime, was the hit and the right kind of ruling of an country that was the only communist kind of that was already the primary "objective" of European Union to integrate in. By that time, Yugoslavia could choose - whether or not to go into EU, it wasn't a question of better life, because "everyone lived well". The "motor" of all societies - the working class - was living normal and decent - the best times for them were the times of "Tito".

The Tito is still celebrated all over the ex-Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He is the leader and World wide known, as an president that was accepted, celebrated, and "maniacally" respected all over the World.

The "trade-mark" of those good times, of all nations of ex-Yugoslavia and "Tito's" time is auto called "YUGO" - the car that I am about to write.

Countries "of Yugoslavia"

A markerSerbia -
Serbia, Belgrade
get directions

The map shows the countries that was Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia "made of" - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Monenegro, and Serbia.

"ZASTAVA" - Company Where YUGO is born

So, Yugoslavia - in it's time of prosperity, the post-war time when every country in Europe, mostly destroyed from World War II , has it's own auto-industry. In that time, it was rare to have an industry of car-making, and having volunteering actions - where people were repairing roads, rails, building bridges, hospitals, etc - and for extraordinary contribution - men or women would get an medal - personally from "Tito", which was an great honor for anyone."ZASTAVA" - or on English "FLAG", was the name of manufacture auto-company of YUGO. Nobody really knows why the name of auto is YUGO, but, many assume that it's acronym of "YUgoslavia" (YU) and "GO" (as a word for movement).

Working class, was the widely and most developed class - and working class was the one that worked on YUGO.

First YUGO version was the "YUGO 45". The number beside name of car was representing, usually the number of "horsepower". So, the first version of this car has 45 horsepower.

YUGO 45 - From scatch to history

One of the first pictures taken of Yugo 45
One of the first pictures taken of Yugo 45
Interior of Yugo 45
Interior of Yugo 45

The Next Series

The next series of this unique mark of car - Yugo - were Yugo 45e, Yugo 55, Yugo Koral 55, Yugo Koral 55e.

All of these series had the same concept of outlook. The squarish kind of outlook, with it's recognizable lights and thin tires were the same. The only thing that was changing is the "horsepower" and a little bit of interior and exterior - but Yugo, have never implemented in its concept the CD player, and automatic window opener/closer. It was all manual, and music radio-player was accepting, in every version of it - just digital types (MC).

More of next generation of this car - in some of the next hubs! (depending on reading and impressions of Yours)

YUGO 45 - The Economic Solution

Yugo 45, economic solution for citizens budget

-The YUGO 45, was the first car ever produced, developed, in Yugoslavia. Also, among first cars that was produced after World War II.

It was meant to be economic, small, and easy for maintenance. It was really economic, and on first sight it wasn't some auto that would attract You with its look. Interior of it, was also mainly developed so it could be economic - but in same time, it have had everything that any other car - in that time - would had.


-Exterior of Yugo 45, was mainly made from kind of "sharply" corners, that were drawing "the lines" of this car. The recognizable look, in mainly three different colors, its economic drain of gas, and it's recognizable "square-like" lights along with its "Y" sing on front were something, that citizens of Yugoslavia needed then.

Even tho, many of car-experts, are pointing at YUGO as one of the top 10 worst cars, I wouldn't say that. You can't sort something that's made in early 80's in South Eastern Europe, under communist-regime, in totally destroyed country from World War II - and in time when whole Europe was looking how to regain its stability and economical balance within development of industry. Yugo, with his outfit, and his characteristics simply wasn't the car that was meant to "higher" / rich class. It was meant to be the car of working-class.


-Interior, of Yugo 45, was designed to satisfy an average citizen, and it's needs. Even tho, it have had everything that Mercedes-Benz had, Yugo wasn't giving much into design, which is the case with Mercedes-Benz, and BMW kind of cars. Interior of YUGO 45 was really simple, and it have everything that one driver needs, without any unnecessary gadgets that You might find on other, a bit "better" cars. It was equipped with MC player, an auto-lighter for cigarettes - that was an usual part of EVERY Yugo that was made after first version. Also, the seats could go upwards and backwards, but You couldn't move Your seat up and down. That was the most criticized thing.



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      lafamillia 5 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Thank You John!

      I appreciate every kind of support, and a way of following is something that I appreciate at most beside writing an comment.

      Check out my video presentation/amateur one. You can find it on my home page.

      What are Your interest for reading ?

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      Interesting Hub !! I've Enjoyed it...