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Yamaha Zuma 125- same mean look with more power!

Updated on November 25, 2009

The Original 50cc now has an older brother

New for 2009 and carried over unchanged for 2010 is the Yamaha Zuma 125.

This has basically replaced the Vino 125 which is now no longer available in the United States.  It makes sense that Yamaha didn't want to have competition between the two 125cc bikes and the Zuma is more refined than the Vino.  If you are a fan of the original Zuma then you will love the Zuma 125.  It has everything that you wished the 50cc model had.

First impression is you either love it or hate it.  It looks vastly different than most other scooters on the road.  From its two large dual round headlamps & tail lights, larger rugged tires, handlebar "wings" etc.  At the time I had looked at the Vino 125 and the Zuma 125 and I preferred the Vino's more classic look and chrome but I will admit that the Zuma rode a lot better.

Yamaha made a lot of changes to this scooter and all for the good.  It has a 125cc fuel injected air cooled 4 stroke engine that has plenty of power.  Add 12" wheels with off road type tread and you have a stable scooter.  The brakes work very well with the front disc and the rear drum that can stop you on a dime.  The Zuma also has a larger seat for a passenger and dual shocks to make for a very forgiving ride.  Open the large seat and you have 5.2 gallons of storage space to carry a full face helmet and some a few smaller items.  The gas filler cap is also revealed by lifting the seat.  The seat is lockable like most scooters as well.

The performance from the fuel injected engine is where the big difference that I saw from the Vino to the Zuma.  The Vino is not fuel injected.  The Zuma's engine roars to life with a growl and makes its presence known.  Twist the handlegrip and you are off in a hurry, reaching speeds of 65mph, I would still stay off of the highways though, but you can more than keep up with any other traffic you encounter.  Always make sure that you don't leave the key in the on position and run down the battery because there is no kick starter to rescue you.  Gas mileage is rated at an impressive 89mpg to add to the fun.  At right around $3,000, the Zuma 125 is a fun and reliable source of transportation.


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